Hard working Woodpeckers



Have you ever watched a woodpecker at work? Once a woodpecker starts pecking, they’re hard to stop.

This is the first time I captured woodpeckers in photo. πŸ™‚

Happy Wednesday!


67 thoughts on “Hard working Woodpeckers

  1. Good morning Amy,
    For a some days now we’ve had a strange woodpecker here. It clings to the window frame of one of our living-room windows [a metal frame, btw] and then knocks on the glass!
    Have a great day,


  2. Beautiful, Amy. Unfortunately, we have woodpeckers here in Colorado that like to peck on our house! Did you have Flickers when you lived in Boulder? Very annoying. Yours in Texas look much nicer!


  3. Lovely photos of the flicker, Amy. Congratulations on getting your first! LIke you, I love watching woodpeckers hammer away at the trees. They have bills and heads that can absorb the impact — impressive. πŸ˜€


  4. No, I’ve never seen a woodpecker close up – great shots, Amy! I always pity the poor birds, as I’m sure I would end up with a migraine if I had to bang my head on a tree all day long!! πŸ™‚


  5. So beautiful, I love Woodpeckers. When I lived in California, a pair of them used to come to my willow tree right outside our kitchen window. I could have watched them for hours πŸ™‚ Wonderful photos Amy, as always.


  6. Bird shots from you again, Amy. Love them ,especially the first one where it looks like the woodpecker is having a relaxing recline. I vaguely recall seeing woodpeckers work as a kid, and I believe they make quite a bit of noise…I might be wrong, it was so long ago…


    • They were happy in my backyard, now they are hiding somewhere from the heat. The cartoon woodpecker is way too cute! πŸ™‚ Thank you for liking it, Dragon.


  7. You were so lucky to catch them in action,dearest Amy!Beautiful and interesting photos,I especially like the second one where I can see gorgeous plumage details!Sending love & hugs to you my very special friend πŸ™‚ ❀ xxx


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