Mundane Monday #19 (Banisters) and Mobile Photography Macro

Banister- mm19- Aug-11

 Trablogger’s MM 19 is showing a photo with angle, colour, and lighting. Magic!

My entry for this week: Banisters


Sally’s Mobile Photography: Macro

IMG_8825 (6)-8-11

The above photo was taken with my iPhone 6. I cropped it and added vignette, but did not increase the clarity and details.

Sally’s Pens and Lens provides great photo tips on a weekly basis. This week, Sally is introducing a tutorial showing how to take flower macro photography –click here to view the video.

Thank you for visiting! 🙂


56 thoughts on “Mundane Monday #19 (Banisters) and Mobile Photography Macro

    • Thank you so much for the praise. I almost didn’t think I have macro for this week, then I went to the field last weekend and captured this sunflower. I was surprised with the details that iPhone picked up. 🙂

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      • Good morning, Amy. I didn’t recognize it as sunflower. I guess there must be many kinds.
        I am surprised at how much detail you have picked up with your iPhone. My iPhone hasn’t produce anything like this. It’s the photographer, I believe 😉
        Have a great day!


        • This may not be a sunflower after all… I saw it out in the field, it was way too tall for me, like 7 ft. I had to raise my arms to capture it. I didn’t expect to get the details. Thank you for your praise. 🙂

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  2. I am blown away by both images, Amy! The first I LOVE the angle you took this at, and the second one I am stunned at the clarity! Do you know how hard I work to get my images to come in to perfect clarity? Some not all. (smile) I saw this flower and my mouth dropped! You ought to be patting yourself on the back with this one!!! Love, Amy ❤


  3. Amy, I enjoyed both of these. iPhones take amazing photos. The majority of the photos on my blog are taken with my 5s, although I’ve started using my Nikon more (but not for this challenge!)



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  5. Both are marvellous dear Amy!Perfect angle and perspective all the way up to the railing!Looks fantastic in mono!
    Loved the detailed macro of the sunflower as well!Beautiful light,superb work 🙂 ❤ xxx


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