Beneath My Feet: Glacier

_W5A9553- Beneath

_W5A9534-Edit Beneath

_W5A9530- Beneath

Walking on the surface of the Athabasca Glacier, Canada was an awesome experience!

WPC: Beneath Your Feet


The changes in smartphone are constant and fast. Recent research shows we check our smartphones more than 100 times a day and the majority of Internet traffic (60 percent) now comes from mobile devices. Patrick (Red Dog Garage) is giving a technology review analyzing the advantages and functions of the OnePlus smartphone. The review was based on Patrick’s test, who is an engineer. 

Even I have no plan to purchase a new phone soon, I found it’s always helpful to learn about new technology products on the market. Click HERE for the article.  Thank you, Patrick for sharing!

Have a great day 🙂

60 thoughts on “Beneath My Feet: Glacier

  1. Pristine glaciers, Amy. Love the capture, though I must say there didn’t look like much snow there. Not too cold, perhaps 🙂 Have to agree with you smartphones are changing ever so fast. I bought a new one one and a half years ago, and am itching to get another. But I tell myself, no. Save up for a new camera instead… 😀


    • I agree, a camera can do so much more than a smartphone can. But, all those apps for smartphones are making a difference for photos. I’d imagine it’s bitter cold there. 🙂


      • There are so many apps our there for phones that it’s hard to pick one to edit photos. Sometimes they lower the photo quality 😦 It’s actually not as cold here as the last few weeks and hopefully it stays that way 🙂


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