Flowers Over Flowers And Flower Of The Day

DSC04314-Aug 5

Nalinki (Angle and Views) has initiated a weekly theme-Flower Over Flowers. She said, “Lately, I have collected various pictures of huge flower meadows, and decided to make a weekly series out of it: Flowers over flowers will be posted every Tuesday. The idea is to bring some more colorful pics of nature into our blogosphere.” 

Here is my first entry for the Flowers Over Flowers #2  🙂  


Cee’s Flower of the day

IMG_8430-Edit-vivid 1





I still haven’t figured out why the viewers have to click here and there to get to the blog’s main page? But, LIGNUM DRACO has a great suggestion to beat the repetitive clicks 🙂

Go to WP Admin > Settings > Reading > For each article in a feed, choose Summary instead of full text

Thank you, Dragon! You really don’t want to miss his two WPC: Inspiration posts. Good to have you back, Dragon. 🙂

63 thoughts on “Flowers Over Flowers And Flower Of The Day

  1. I was completely taken away by the first image, Amy. And then I saw your two pictures and I was saying wow wow wow outloud. You captured both a flie and a bee? WOW!!!! Good for you!! And the flowers both are absolutely breathtaking as well. How you framed both is stunning!!! Thank YOU, Amy! Love, Amy ❤


  2. Very beautiful first shot, Amy. Those red flowers and petals sort of look like red hearts, red hearts all over a green field ❤ I wouldn't run through it and risk toppling any of those delicate plants. Happy to watch them from the road 🙂


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