Monday Walk: Banff Rocky Mountains

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“If the rocks in these mountains could tell their story,

they’d describe their birth as sand or dirt grains washed into the warm ancient sea that lay there for millions of years.

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They’d speak of sinking to the ocean floor and of being covered over by more and more grains and by the crushed bodies and secretions of countless sea animals.

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They’d describe how the ever increasing weight pressed the sand grains into sandstone, the mud into shale, and lime into limestone.

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They’d then tell how they were raised high into the heavens — reborn as the Rocky Mountains.”

This verse was posted by the Lake Louise.

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Castle Mountain Range, each rock layer in the dozens of strata on this mountain (elev. 9,075′), reveals a different chapter in the geological history of the Canadian Rockies:


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The Canadian Rockies are quite different in appearance and geology from the American Rockies to the south of them. The Canadian Rockies are composed of layered sedimentary rock such as limestone and shale, whereas the American Rockies are made mostly of metamorphic and igneous rock such as gneiss and granite.

The Canadian Rockies are overall more jagged than the American Rockies, because the Canadian Rockies have been more heavily glaciated, resulting in sharply pointed mountains separated by wide, U-shaped valleys gauged by glaciers, where as the American Rockies are overall more rounded, with river-carved V-shaped valleys between them. The Canadian Rockies are cooler and wetter, giving them moister soil, bigger rivers, and more glaciers. The tree line is much lower in the Canadian Rockies than in the American Rockies.   ~ Wikipedia

Jo is taking us to the beautiful BELLINGHAM AND HARESHAW LINN for a fabulous walk. You don’t want to miss it.


Have a great week!

I hope Sue S will approve this post. 🙂 Sue was traveling Peru, while we were packing for the Banff National Park trip. She has been giving a series of their fabulous trip. Take a look


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