Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration (Dolpins)


Do you know dolphins have very good vision? They can see what is around them both in the water and when they are above the surface of it.


A bunch of wild dolphins were having a race in the ocean, they got lots of cheers from the people on the whale/dolphin boat. This young dolphin could not keep up with the race, he/she then decided to jump out of the water and made a splash. Yay, way to go, Jr D! 🙂


Notes: Dolpins have excellent hearing too, with the ability to hear about 10 times better than humans. The sense of smell isn’t well developed for them though. The sense of touch is very sensitive for dolphins and they use it for bonding within their pods. They rely on a combination of their senses to avoid danger, to find food, and to socialize. More…


In his “Idolatry” post, Mr. Shimon reminds us eloquently, “And how important it is, to maintain our perspective, to remember that there is beauty and pleasure in this life, despite the disappointments and pain.” Inspiring, as always. Read more click HERE.



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