Monday Walk: Bow River


Banff National Park in Canada had been on our bucket list for long while. We finally decided to take a grand tour in July. We stayed in the town of Banff and used it as a base to explore Rocky Mountains, lakes… The beautiful Bow river runs through the town. It was only a half mile from where we were staying, pretty convenient to take morning and/or evening walk.

The name “Bow” refers to the reeds that grew along its banks and were used by the local First Nations peoples to make bows; the Peigan name for the river is “Makhabn”, meaning “river where bow reeds grow”.



On our last day in Banff, hubby didn’t want to miss the Wimbledon Semi Finals, so I took a solo walk with my camera. 🙂  5 miles to downtown and back to the Banff Springs. 





These beautiful horse trainers were taking horses for a morning walkout.



The weather was surprisingly warm during the week (the first week of July) we were there. It went up to low 90 F one day, but mornings were very pleasant. We were told by the local people that it was 7-8 degrees higher than normal.

Jo’s Egton Bridge walk for this week is fabulous. Take a look


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