Mundane Monday (Bare Branches) and Cee’s Fun Foto


MM #16

This bare tree branch photo is inspired by Trablogger’s Monday Mundane Challenge #16 — find beauty in everyday mundane things… click HERE if you would like to join.


Cee’s Fun Photo: Lime Or Bright Green



Happy Tuesday! 🙂



33 thoughts on “Mundane Monday (Bare Branches) and Cee’s Fun Foto

  1. Both perfect for the challenge Amy. On another note I am going to be visiting my Mom in rural Canada so may not be commenting for the next week or so. Will do my best to visit when I can.


    • I liked the shape of the branches. The second one was a lucky shot, I waited for a long while, my hands were about to give up, then the butterfly landed there for a few seconds… 🙂

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  2. Nice choice for the minimal theme. Maybe you could have made the clouds to look like part of the tree with a different angle 🙂 The butterfly, the water droplets and the colours makes the second picture beautiful 🙂

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    • I just wish I could borrow your eyes for a minute 🙂 The butterfly didn’t make it easy for me to capture; but these are raindrops, so lucky to get them in the picture. 🙂


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