Mobile Photography Challenge: Editing and Processing



Sally’s Tip of the Week: The blurred photograph can be made with a slow or quick move of  your camera or Smartphone. Read more

I can’t recall when was the last time I saw this many mushrooms out in the field. The recent rain and moisture have made plants and flowers very happy. 🙂  These two photos were taken with iPhone 6 and processed through LR.


Cee’s Flower of the Day 6-30


Happy Tuesday 🙂

77 thoughts on “Mobile Photography Challenge: Editing and Processing

  1. My jaw dropped when I saw your first image, Amy. You will know why when you see my post today!!! LOL I honestly am stunned!!! These images are awesome, my friend!!! NICE!! Love, Amy ❤


  2. What a lot of mushrooms, Amy! First I couldn’t believe my eyes that they were real and not digitally multiplied. That is, as you say, all the rains lately. We have more mushrooms in our garden, but not that many.
    Have a great day,


    • Not digitally multiplied. We don’t normally get mushrooms here. That area was loaded after the rain, it was a nice surprise. We might get some rain this afternoon and the weekend. Have a wonderful day, Pit! 🙂

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  3. The mushrooms are wonderful, great photo, and how nice to have moisture enough for making mushrooms. I also really like the butterfly and daisy, Amy — your photography is really a treat. 😀


  4. Amy, our recent deluge of almost daily rain has brought mushrooms too. But not like your field of seemingly glowing ones. Well done, they are like alien beings marching in tune with nature’s music. Happy Photo Challenge.


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  6. Super photos, Amy. I went from the Chicago area, where it’s been so very rainy, to California, where they would love to have some of our excess water. If we could figure out how to share, it would be a benefit to both areas! 🙂



  7. These photos are wonderful. I saw them earlier in the week but didn’t have time to leave a comment. I found myself thinking about the first two later on. You have created magic with these images.


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