Throwback Thursday: Two Different Lives


This photo still touches me as it did more than a year ago, when I first saw it in the National Geographic Your Shot. In my previous post, I said:

“Merve Ates’ photo reflects a man’s life journey — from a young man with worries and wonders into a calm state of mind of an elderly. Perhaps, it’s a story of one life.” This time, I noticed that the seagulls in the photo may symbolize how time flies and the waves indicate the ups and downs of one’s life. All in one photo.

I’d say this is one of the very few photos that tells story beautifully and philosophically. Let me know your thoughts.


Two Different Lives by Merve Ates, National Geographic Your Shot. This is how Merve explains:

“I was traveling between the European and Asian sides of Istanbul, Turkey, by ferry,” says Your Srhot contributor Merve Ates. “I was sitting on seats outside, accompanied on my journey by seagulls. The boy on the right was sitting next to me. … It seemed like the man and the boy were sitting side by side. In reality, the old man was reading the Koran, while the young boy had a worried look on his face. Two separate lives, together in the same frame.”


If you want to see the best photos of California through Highway 1, you must visit this blog site. Click HERE. “Now I dare you … I triple dare you to not take any pictures while driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco (or vice versa) using California 1…” Rommel says.


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