Monday Walk: Trees in Grand Canyon

Through this walk, you will see the trees in the Grand Canyon, its struggle, story, fall, and majesty.


If there is any place on Earth that puts into perspective the grandiosity of Mother Nature, it is the Grand Canyon.  — USA Today



“So grand a statement, even for nature to make” wrote one visitor.


The drought tolerant yucca plant was one of the most widely used plants by the prehistoric inhabitants of the canyon area.



Somehow “Grand” does not tell how truly incomprehensible this canyon is. …no word is really adequate to describe this amazing creation of nature.  — National Park Service


The depth of the canyon is over a mile (6,000 feet or 1,800 meters). Larry, our sunset tour guy, said,”If you want to hike all the way down, you need to bring your camping gear, stay down there overnight, then hike back up the next day. You know… when I mentioned this to my tour group last time, a guy asked, ‘Is there an elevator?'”

Over five million people visit the park each year; summer is the park’s busiest season.

This week Jo is taking us for a fabulous walk in Yarmouth.


Have a great week! 🙂


86 thoughts on “Monday Walk: Trees in Grand Canyon

  1. Oh Amy, your photos here are truly magnificent. Your highlights of the trees are so awesome, and a lovely way to capture the winds of all times. And the grandiosity of these canyons can be overwhelming, so your choices and techniques for embracing them is superb. Brava! 🙂


    • You’re so right, Jet the grandiosity was difficult to capture, but the focus of trees (and travelers — my previous post) made it fun to embrace. It’s always wonderful to hear your feedback. Thank you so much, Jet. 🙂

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  2. All fabulous shots, Amy. I so would love to go to the Grand Canyon. We see similar trees in Utah. Their shapes reveal the struggles to survive and make them even more beautiful!


  3. OH AMY! These images just blow me away! I can feel the majestic power through them, for they project perfectly through your eyes!! I LOVE how you focused on trees in every photo. The drama you portrayed leaves me with my Heart in my throat. Gorgeous post, my friend, and just perfect!! How I LOVE coming here! Love, Amy ❤


    • It can get up to 105 F in the summer, the heat down at the canyon is unbearable, I heard. But, August is GC’s busiest time. 😕
      Thank you for liking these tree images. 🙂

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  4. These photos are truly amazing. I really like the sunset photo, but I also love the way you are showing the motion and directionality of the trees. When I look at your photos I realize I need some new semantics to adequately describe what I’m seeing.


  5. Fantastic shots Amy, the tree in the foreground is great and leads your eye out to the backdrop which is the canyon. I particularly love the shot with the single tree at the top of the canyon which really shows the grand scale of the whole place and the smallness of the tree. Beautiful… another one for the bucket list! 🙂

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  6. Loving the photos of the canyon! Like how you have used the trees, it really (help) tell the story of the size of the canyon and it is a natural focal point to first draw you attention before you go deeper into the picture. Beautiful!


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  8. I would not like to walk all the way down. When we visited, we walked down for a couple of hours, starting about 6am, then back up and that was enough for me. The elevator comment took my breath away!


  9. I have some very similar tree shots Amy 🙂 Those pines are tenacious plants aren’t they, clinging to the rock face like they do. An extraordinary place. You have captured it well.


  10. Oh my goodness those are terrific photos. The one before last: I could look at that for ages. Throughout, you really captured the battle that has been going on for aeons; the trees versus the elements.


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