Macro (Cactus) and Mundane (Pinecorn)

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Macro 


“The marvel of macro photography is the surprise universe that emerges. We think that we can see all with our naked eye, but whole new worlds can appear for one’s enjoyment and wonder with a close-up view.”   ~Sally’s Lens and Pens   Click to visit.



Monday Mundane #10: Pinecone


“This is a challenge created to find beauty in almost everything.”     ~ Trablogger’s Mundane Monday 

Finding beauty in everyday mundane things is challenging, creative, and fun. Join us and share your discovery. 🙂

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45 thoughts on “Macro (Cactus) and Mundane (Pinecorn)

  1. Amy, I was going to talk about the way the light hit the top of the barrel cactus, and then I saw your high key image. It’s delicate and strongly invites pondering:mundane, no. Happy Photo Challenge.


      • You are very kind. Am happy for you to link if you think others may be interested in my wanderings. I’ve not sought to widen my audience too much. Am rather flattered.


        • I have learned so much of the people, culture, history, and stories of the towns/cities you have traveled. Thank you, Simon for letting feature your beautiful site. 🙂


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