Nature and Mundane (Flower Pot)


The above one is for Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Nature. She is  also providing great tips and app information.


My entry for Trablogger’s Mundane Monday #9. The challenge theme: find beauty in everyday mundane things.

Take a moment to view his “Learn Photography“. There, you get to learn how to take cool shots, e.g. moon, sunsets, composition, and more, and how to utilize your smart phone features taking beautiful photos. Good stuff!

Have a great week! 🙂


33 thoughts on “Nature and Mundane (Flower Pot)

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  2. Nothing mundane about the prickly plant or the clay pot. Try putting a finger on the plant and check what’s inside the pot, lots of surprises. Great shots, Amy.


  3. Golden hour picture. Loved the lighting in the first picture. And glad to see that you started taking pictures of really mundane things 😀 Thanks again for joining 🙂


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