After-Before Friday #51 (Candle holder)



Stacy has put enormous time and effort into ABF. She has made a series of video tutorials to help us understand and learn how to transform digital photos. For this one, I tried to mimic Stacy’s process of using the Lightroom radial filter feature to enhance the lighting and reflections of the candle holder.



To learn how to use the Lightroom radial filter and other features, Click Here.

The ABF is a great forum, where you can learn, share, and have fun! Take a look

Thank you, Stacy for making a video tutorial just for me to learn about using the brush…



Charlie has posted some wonderful videos that touch your heart. This one is about the friendship between an elephant and a dog. Click HERE … Thank you, Charlie! 

58 thoughts on “After-Before Friday #51 (Candle holder)

          • I followed Stacie, Amy. When I am finished with the intensity I am experiencing with my gardens, I plan on going on over there to learn. In fact, come to think of it, so I don’t loose Stacie, I will put her on my desktop. That way, when I am ready to sit down to learn, I don’t have to go looking for her. Again, I really do thank you, my friend!!! Hope you are having a great weekend! Love, Amy ❤

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            • I’m so glad you like Stacy’s blog. For what you have done with your flower photos, I have had an impression that you know as much as she does. That’s is very encouraging to hear that so much knowledge and skills you have, you still want to learn. You constantly inspire me, my dear friend. Love, Ame, ❤

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    • Comments from you means a lot to me as I always believe you are a remarkable photographer. I did this one for Stacy to thank her for putting so much into her ABF. She knows I’m a beginner and willing to learn. 🙂 Thank you, Helen!


  1. Amy, you have done a wonderful job with this image!! Such a subtle change, but one that makes a great deal of difference visually. Great crop; the red just pops right out of the dark shadows; and the hint of highlights adds beautiful dimension. Job well done! I am beyond excited that you chose to use he technique from my video. What a great compliment! And thanks for sending the other Amy my way with your kind and supportive comments. I’m honored ❤️


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