5 Photos 5 Stories: Kitchen Confidential (#3)


After finishing our dinner at the restaurant, I said to hubby, “The kitchen in the back looks so cool. Have you noticed it? I really want to take a couple of shots. Be right back.”

 “Taking photos in my kitchen?” the chef was in shock.


“I know, I know…  it’s illegal, but I’m gonna do it. 😉 I love your kitchen!” I said.


The best Tortelloni I have ever had:


 Thank you, Raewyn for giving the opportunity to share stories through this challenge. Please visit Raewyn’s Decocraftsdigicrafts to view her beautiful photos.

I’m inviting Jim to join the 5 Photos, 5 Stories. No obligation, Jim. Jim’s Garden is simply beautiful. As one of his reader said, “Jim, your world is filled with splendor. I love your gorgeous photographs.” I agree! I love your garden and photos/stories, Jim. Click HERE

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