5 Photos 5 Stories: GPS (#2)

Prior to the GPS era, I depended on hubby’s photographic memory when we travel. Back then, he’d study the map the night before we toured the place and used the compass on the trip. As complicated as the streets in Rome, Paris, and Florence were, we never got lost. I took it for granted.

When GPS was first available, I bought one immediately. Now, it is installed in all the new cars and most rental cars. But, hubby still studies maps on the Google.  He makes it clear that he doesn’t trust GPS, though he always asks me to turn it on (the guy has a little problem of pressing the on buttons.). While driving, often he argues with or talks back to the GPS, like “I’m not going to…”, “You are wrong.”, “Not again!”… As annoy as this can be, I keep quiet and just play with my iPhone or shoot photos.


Road to the Grand Canyon

A week ago, we were traveling in Phoenix/Scottdale, hubby studied the online map as usual, “Do you have to?” He didn’t answer. The next day, when we were on the freeway, hubby noticed that all the exits to 202 were closed for whatever reason, but Ms. GSP kept telling him to make a U turn… hubby took an alternative route quickly. I was surprised that the GPS in his head was still pretty active.

Later that day, at the intersection, Ms. GPS said “turn left”. He turned right instead. “Did you not hear?” “The GPS is wrong.” he replied. I was like “Really?” A minute after he made the right turn, I saw the building. Yep, right turn!

When we were on the way to Page, where the Antelope Canyon is located, Ms. GPS didn’t recognize that the new road to the town was already completed, she guided us to a detour route. Oops, Ms. GPS missed this one. So the battle went on.



Page, AZ

Thank you to Raewyn who invited me to take part of the 5 photos 5 stories challenge. Please visit Raewyn’s Decocraftsdigicrafts to view her beautiful photos.

I’m nominating Birder’s Journey to join this fun challenge. No obligation, Bj. 🙂 You really don’t want to miss Bj’s Egret photos.


60 thoughts on “5 Photos 5 Stories: GPS (#2)

  1. lol, so true, I smiled when I read this. I think I can go even further back in time … when I had to print maps from MapQuest (or something like that) … that was before Google Maps become the mainstream.


    • Being able to map in his head is a great advantage. 🙂 Evidently GPS has some wrong information, weather you update or not, it’s there. Thank you for reading, Mabel. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. cool shots of the bikers amy – and your hubby sounds like he has a good way with maps – and fun to hear the adventure and who he “knew” or joust sensed it – very cool –


  3. I got to give your husband credit for being meticulous. The GPS could get you lost sometimes or lead you to a longer route. If you know your way you can override it and then it picks up. My GPS needs to be updated but I’ve never done it. Good thing I don’t go very far with it and most rental cars have them now.


    • They could have done a much better job for the GPS. Even you update it with the new version, it doesn’t have the most up to date info. This time, we flew to Phoenix, but we had to rent a car and drive to Grand Canyon and other places. Thank you for reading, Bebs. 🙂


  4. Great story, Amy. 🙂 Your husband and I are in agreement about GPS. I always use a map. Always. We don’t have GPS (in the car) or smart phones so we have to use a map, but even if I had GPS, I’d use a map because we have yet to follow a GPS (in rental cars) and have it be right. There’s always a wrong turn in there somewhere. We once tried to map our way to a destination in San Francisco and ended up facing a set of stairs that go up a hill rather than a road.


    • Map also give you a big picture of where you are and where you will be. Hubby also depends on the compass, he doesn’t even trust iPhone compass, because it took us to a wrong direction… Thank you for reading and commenting, Rubin. 🙂


  5. I’m with your hubby on this one, Amy. Not only do I LOVE reading maps (I realize many people do not), but it is so much more relaxing to not have that voice telling you what to do. I enjoyed hearing how it goes with you two, and the photos, as always, were terrific. 🙂


  6. I recall one day not having GPS & I was lost – I mean mentally lost – in my own town. This was the summer of no phone. It was a bad day & I was overwhelmed with so much at that time. But – I survived. For the most part – it wasn’t so bad.But – I def prefer having GPS than not. It has made getting around so much easier.
    My post on surviving without a cellphone: https://sharingmemyselfandi.wordpress.com/2012/07/19/im-a-survivor/


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