Monday Walk: The Desert Botanical Garden


The Desert Botanical Garden is a 140 acres (57 ha) botanical garden located in Phoenix, Arizona. The garden has many special desert plants and cacti flowers; and many beautiful birds are happy there.


Some specimens may live for more than 150 years….They grow slowly from seed, and never from cuttings. Whenever it rains, saguaros soak up the rainwater. The cactus will visibly expand, holding in the water. It conserves the water and slowly consumes it.  — Wikipedia





This is not a cool shot, but it’s my first time capturing a flying hummingbird. 🙂


  Arizona is the hummingbird capital of U.S. Does it surprise you?


Ingrid and her husband have traveled many places in Arizona. She shares her adventures through her fabulous Live Laugh RV blog. Take a look of her beautiful photos and the travel information. Click HERE.


Jo is taking us  to PODZIEMIA for a walk. “1000 years of the city’s history are represented here, in a project that took 5 years to excavate.”

Thank you for visiting.

81 thoughts on “Monday Walk: The Desert Botanical Garden

  1. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for the pictures. 🙂 Now that’s a place to go and look around – most definitely. I really like that shot of a bird on top of a saguaro. Oh, and the hummingbird, too. Aren’t they cute creatures? But difficult to capture as they flit around so fast. Years ago I managed to capture some when we stayed in a cabin [] in Cain City.
    Have a great Memorial Day,


  2. Great photos. You are making me miss Arizona more than I have been already. When we winter there, I love watching the hummers, and seeing the early flowers bloom.


    • Beautiful, fascinating State! How wonderful to see Hummers and flowers bloom in the winter time. 🙂 Btw, I really enjoyed visiting Scottsdale.


  3. Thanks, Amy, for the advice re biking trails. 🙂 When we go there – and some time it will happen – we’ll take our own bicycles, though. We’ve just gotten ourselves a bicycles rack for the car. For this year, we’re still planning to drive – slowly and with interruptions – all the way up to WV, taking our bicycles with us, to ride rail trails and other scenic routes.
    Have a great day,

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    • They don’t allow private cars driving in Grand Canyon, which is a good thing! You either walk, bike, or hop on a bus. I heard the rail train tour in Grand Canyon is very enjoyable, we didn’t try.
      If you stay inside of GC, you can find a parking spot; otherwise, you have to park at the visitor center, which can be crowded. Maybe off season is better.We went the week when AZ college students were off school. Lots of young students hiking and biking there.

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  4. Oh, Amy!!! I was enthralled by this post! Your images are breathtaking and magical, just like I said breathtaking! Thank you SO much for showing me a part of the world I only dream of going to see. I also thank you for the information you gave in this post. Great job, my friend!! I truly enjoyed this walk with you! Love, Amy ❤

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    • It’s such a fascinating state due to the landscape. I should soon do a couple of posts of the canyons we visited. Thank you for visiting here when you are busy with your garden and everything else. Great photo you posted. I love, love it. 🙂 ❤

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  5. so many wonderful photos. I especially like the pink and yellow flowers. I forget that the desert produces beauty too. great job capturing the flying hummingbird! thanks for sharing 🙂


  6. I’m so glad you managed to get in a trip to the Botanical Garden. The plants there are so unique and fascinating. Hummers are extremely difficult to capture as those little guys are super fast. Sorry we had already pulled out of Phoenix before you arrived. I would’ve loved meeting. Thank you for the kind mention 🙂


    • I really enjoyed the tour of the Botanical Garden, Ingrid. These plants are unique and fascinating. I recalled the beautiful post you did a few weeks ago while strolling the garden. We spent many days in Grand Canyon, Glen Canyon, and Antelope, so much to see in Arizona. 🙂

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  7. Good morning, Amy. How nice to see these photos! We were there in Feb. — my first visit of Arizona and loved it! I think we saw the same bird 😉 Your photo is much better! Was it hot when you were there? It was hot in Feb.
    Have a great day!


    • My photo is better… that is a compliment, Helen. It was between mid 80s and high 80s most of the time, that is not hot for Phoenix. 🙂 Hope to see you photos later. 🙂

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    • Are they, really? Thank you for liking them. I got almost too many photos from this trip, I lost track of the good and bad shots. 🙂 Birds were very happy in the Dessert Garden.

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    • Thank you for commenting. I really enjoy the walk you shared with us. But, I haven’t been able to add comment to it 😕 Sorry about that.


  8. I haven’t been back there for a few years and I understand they have made a lot of improvements. But I LOVE it there. I will be down in Phoenix for a wedding and for another family visit twice this summer. I am hoping to make a stop in while we are there. Thank you for taking me back!


  9. So breathtaking Amy, that top yellow one is the Milo flower, named so in Hawaian for “great one”, here it grows right in the sand by the ocean. Seems like a wonderful place, thanks for sharing it.


  10. great walk amy – and the yellow photo that was featured image is my fav – it has such pale color and then to the side – but the whole place looks nice (and prickly )


  11. Thank you so much Amy for taking me along with you for this wonderful walk through an Arizonian Desert Botanical Garden. I think your photo of the flying hummingbird is very cool indeed (I miss them, we don’t get them in England, and I used to love watching them coming to the feeders I kept outside my kitchen window in California) and I had no idea that Arizona is the hummingbird capital of the US. Love all your gorgeous photos as always, especially the sweet bird (dove?) on top of the cactus 🙂


  12. Those hummingbird are hard to capture but you did quite well! I did not know Arizona was the hummingbird capitol of the US. We have visitors here but not too many this year. Excellent photos! I enjoyed them very much.


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