Broken: Erosion of the sandstone (WPC)


The rocks that make up Antelope Canyon are the petrified remains of prehistoric sand dunes formed by erosion of the sandstone by flash flooding.


WPC: Broken

68 thoughts on “Broken: Erosion of the sandstone (WPC)

    • It is not as difficult at all. But, there are a few challenging areas. You have to sign up for a tour for both the upper and low part of the Canyon.


    • They do have limit… The canyon is very narrow, some spots are no more than 3, 4 inch wide. Besides, the town (Page) has so many hotels. The owner of the hotel told us that they have to turn dozens of visitors every day during the busy season. I will try to do a post for this fascinating place later. Thank you for commenting, Dragon!


    • It does bring up the structure of rock that has been through the erosion for over one hundred million years… The colors of the rocks change according to the sunlight, so you never see the same color throughout the day.
      Sooo happy you are back! 🙂 ❤

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