5 Photos 5 Stories: The Canyon Walls (#1)

Thank you to Raewyn who invited me to take part of the 5 photos 5 stories challenge.

It really is impossible to capture the immense view of the Grand Canyon through my humble lens. So I decided join the sunset tour to shot a few sunset scenes. The first thing that Larry, our tours guide, emphasized was the size of the canyon–277 miles (446 km) long, up to 18 miles (29 km) wide.


When we were waiting for sunset, Larry pointed to the canyon walls, then told a story that made me laugh the rest of the trip:

     “Last time, when I said to my tour group that the canyon wall is a mile deep down to the bottom, one of the guys responded, ‘Wow! Canada is right over that wall.’ “


If you are living in another continent, you might wonder. The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona which shares a border with Mexico. Fyi, the distance between Canada and Mexico is 903.33 miles (1453.77 kilometers), according to disween.com.

Please visit Raewyn’s Decocraftsdigicrafts blog to view her fabulous photos.

If you are have stories and photos to share, Feel free to join us. 🙂

69 thoughts on “5 Photos 5 Stories: The Canyon Walls (#1)

  1. Good morning, Amy. Beautiful shots!!! I envy you! When I was there, it was raining and I didn’t see any of this. I am so glad you share these photos with us! Thanks.


    • That must be very disappointing, Helen. So glad you like this one. The tour guide thought it was going to be a spectacular sunset scene because of the clouds. It turned out not so spectacular, but very beautiful. 🙂

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