Monday, no walking…


These birds had a dinner party in our backyard. I spread some seeds on the railing for capturing actions. Then, I watched them through my lens and through the kitchen window; my finger was pressing the shutter release button halfway; hubby was holding his binocular.


Squirrel showed up without an invitation, as usual, and he was very hungry. “Hey, you are eating bird food! Be nice.”  He won’t stop eating.

Welcome, Ms. Blue Jet! How beautiful you are!


 She looked around, then landed on the railing.


“Stop shoot, Amy! People are eating.”


Ms. Dove, how did you get here?


Mr. Cardinal was late, but he indulged himself quickly.


“What are you looking at?”


A few feet away, Mr. Woodpecker parked on the tree enjoying his favorite loquat.


I didn’t have to walk at all to capture these fun photos.

Thank you so much for visiting! Happy Monday. 🙂


Master Sriram’s photos are “paintings in silent poetry”. You really don’t want to miss it!  Click HERE… 

88 thoughts on “Monday, no walking…

  1. Hi Amy,
    These are absolutely fantastic shots. You’re so patient, to keep watching the feeding spots through your lens. I don’t have that patience. All the more thanks to you for sharing.
    Happy Monday to you, too, and have a great week,


  2. Amy it looks like you were having quite the dinner party on the deck. What a variety of beautiful birds you have so close at hand. It sounds like your husband is a great helper in the photography/blog business.


  3. You have shared such Beautiful photographs,
    each unique in their everyday life 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your no walk place with us
    Take Care…You Matter…


    • I remember vividly some of the fun posts you did last year. We couldn’t keep the yard green at all the past two years due to the drought… much nicer this year. 🙂 Thank you, Jim!


  4. Dear Amy you are so lucky to have such beautiful visitors….A beautiful post.
    Thank you for sharing my post….you are so kind…
    have a great day dear friend…:-)


    • I’m so privileged and honored to be your friend, Sriram! This is a beautiful spring that we have not had for a few years due to the drought. I don’t take for granted… Thank you for visiting and letting me share my small world.
      I truly love your “These painting are poetry…”. It’s so beautiful and poetic, yet so moving. Magic, indeed! 🙂


  5. you have some yard Amy – and my favorite shot is the one of the squirrel with the light in back of his tail – the curve and the hairs – it is very cool. But the whole feel of the nature walk was appreciated – and your birds – tweet – tweet so sweet. (cheesy – but hey…)

    Liked by 1 person

  6. What a glorious post my lovely friend Amy !Oh gosh,I have missed most of your remarkable work,but it’s never too late to visit your place and feast my eyes and enrich my knowledge!
    Astonishing storytelling photos,superb birding and nice details!Touched by your garden visitors and their beauty!
    Loved them all,admired the rich plumage of all birds,loved the hungry squirrel and I fell in love with Mr.Cardinal!
    Indeed,there was no need to walk,you were in Paradise … Thank you so much for this fabulous post you shared with us,my wonderful friend!!! Your love for nature enables you to do most exceptional work! Happy Saturday ❤ xxx


    • Than you so much for stopping by my backyard, Dida dear! I’m happy to share these captures with you. I recall your most exquisite garden in your backyard. 🙂 we have more colorful birds this year than the past few years. Than you for letting me share it with you. >3 xxx


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