Monday, no walking…


These birds had a dinner party in our backyard. I spread some seeds on the railing for capturing actions. Then, I watched them through my lens and through the kitchen window; my finger was pressing the shutter release button halfway; hubby was holding his binocular.


Squirrel showed up without an invitation, as usual, and he was very hungry. “Hey, you are eating bird food! Be nice.”  He won’t stop eating.

Welcome, Ms. Blue Jet! How beautiful you are!


 She looked around, then landed on the railing.


“Stop shoot, Amy! People are eating.”


Ms. Dove, how did you get here?


Mr. Cardinal was late, but he indulged himself quickly.


“What are you looking at?”


A few feet away, Mr. Woodpecker parked on the tree enjoying his favorite loquat.


I didn’t have to walk at all to capture these fun photos.

Thank you so much for visiting! Happy Monday. 🙂


Master Sriram’s photos are “paintings in silent poetry”. You really don’t want to miss it!  Click HERE… 

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