Early Bird and Mono Madness 2-6


0W5A3669 -01

Leanne has some 52 remarkable monochrome photo submissions for MM 2-6. 🙂

WPC: Early Bird


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Thank you for visiting! Enjoy the week. 🙂 

56 thoughts on “Early Bird and Mono Madness 2-6

    • Awww… I’m honored, Helen! That is a high praise from a photographer. I saw 5 vultures that morning, I don’t always think they are pretty; so I was not too exciting about taking shots. 🙂

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  1. The second photo is my fav – even though both give such a feel for this flying beauty = but in the second photo – the jagged parts of the tree area are in sync with the jagged feel of the feathers – and then it is off to the side – and in monochrome it has an extra vibe – it feels like one of those photos that would be nice framed – and I do not say that often – and it also has an energy of anticipation (to me at least)


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