Monday Walk: Back to the trail

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It was a nice surprise to see the deer standing there just a few yards away from the trail. I quickly took a couple of shots. I thought he’d run off, but he didn’t. He looked around and had no intention to leave. So, I decided to stay and watch…


 A few minutes later, his date showed up, and she walked up to him quietly.


“I’m here…” She said.


They started hugging each other…




Minutes later, he followed her walking toward the woods. Before they disappeared in woods, he slowly turned his head and smiled, as if he was saying to me, “I gotta go… See you later.” 🙂


We’ve had pleasant rain this spring. Trees and wildflowers are responding to the moisture happily.




Last Call:



I’m borrowing Rommel’s idea of the “Last Call”. I really think he outdid himself for the FIFTH Element, but his post had already passed the due date for the Four Elements. Rommel said, “…I just want for other participants to better their  chance of winning. :D” Don’t miss his last call. 🙂  Take a look of this awesome post… 


Jo is taking us to the Rievaulx Abbey for a fabulous walk. Her photos of this majestic place are remarkable!! 


Thank you for visiting! Have a wonderful week. 🙂 




81 thoughts on “Monday Walk: Back to the trail

  1. Good morning, Amy. I always appreciate you take us with you on your Monday walk. It is such a beautiful trail. I walk in the afternoon or in the evening instead (if I walk) — it’s warmer during that time 😉 So it’s a treat to see your photos in the morning. Have a great day.


    • Hi Helen, So glad you enjoyed my “morning walk”. Early morning has better chance to run into deer; it’s definitely the best time to capture flowers and dew/rain drops. So glad I could share a good walk with you. 🙂

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  2. The rain has certainly brought everything to life, Amy, but those deer are show stealers. I love a little romance 🙂 Thanks for sharing! (and the link) Love is certainly in the air. 🙂 Have a happy week!


  3. Fantastic. I always regard it as a treat to get a glimpse of a departing deer let alone have time to get out camera and take a set of delightful and engaging shots. Brilliant!


  4. I had to take the look you suggested,I was really stunned;loved his epilogue,which is from my country!

    Now,I have to go on and start commenting on your Monday Walk post,which is beyond words!!!!!!!
    The Deer love-story,through your spectacular and eloquent photos,have totally enchanted and touched me,my lovely friend Amy!Great timing,the photographer’s dream,I’d say.Loved the new green of the trees,the beauty of the wildflowers and the last calll… Thank you for this brilliant Monday Walk Amy Dear!You have your own ways to make me follow you everywhere 🙂 ❤ xxx


    • It was such a joy to be there watching these lovely deer. They saw me, but they stayed there for a while… 🙂
      Wildflowers are all over the place, cover all the trails and the side of highways. 🙂 Thank you for taking the “walk” with me, Dear Doda. ❤ xxx

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      • Came back again and admire those unique deer photos,my dear Amy!I am certain sure that they knew you were there,but they could sense they were safe … The instincts of the animals are so strong and unmistakable …
        I think,it’s a deer romance that I will come back and enjoy many times,you don’t see photos like that so often!
        Your deep love for nature guides you and you witness incredible moments,my dearest friend!Enjoy your day 🙂 ❤

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        • Your comment brought me tears in my eyes… These two deer could see me clearly. Thank you for leaving thoughtful and kind comment, always heartwarming, encouraging, and inspiring. 🙂 ❤

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  5. thanks for this nature walk – and how cute the dialogue – “gotta go” 0 and then to move into the flowers – the one with the wet web was maybe my fav of the post – but ending with the floral color pop was so nice. ❤ and now I need to check out rommel's post!


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