Monday Walk: Back to the trail

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It was a nice surprise to see the deer standing there just a few yards away from the trail. I quickly took a couple of shots. I thought he’d run off, but he didn’t. He looked around and had no intention to leave. So, I decided to stay and watch…


 A few minutes later, his date showed up, and she walked up to him quietly.


“I’m here…” She said.


They started hugging each other…




Minutes later, he followed her walking toward the woods. Before they disappeared in woods, he slowly turned his head and smiled, as if he was saying to me, “I gotta go… See you later.” 🙂


We’ve had pleasant rain this spring. Trees and wildflowers are responding to the moisture happily.




Last Call:



I’m borrowing Rommel’s idea of the “Last Call”. I really think he outdid himself for the FIFTH Element, but his post had already passed the due date for the Four Elements. Rommel said, “…I just want for other participants to better their  chance of winning. :D” Don’t miss his last call. 🙂  Take a look of this awesome post… 


Jo is taking us to the Rievaulx Abbey for a fabulous walk. Her photos of this majestic place are remarkable!! 


Thank you for visiting! Have a wonderful week. 🙂 




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