Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat (Lake Michigan)

Chicago, Chicago…



Walking along the Lake Michigan in the early summer morning, you get to enjoy the beautiful views of the lake and watch the city gradually waking up. These two photos were taking from the north side of the lake facing Downtown. I have never visited Chicago in winter, so don’t ask me how cold it is in the winter. 🙂   

Seaangel’s Chicago’s Skyline has many fabulous Chicago architecture photos. Here is her cool shot of the Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

Note: Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States, after New York City and Los Angeles. With 2.7 million residents. In 2012, Chicago hosted 46.37 million international and domestic visitors, an overall visitation record.

 WPC: Afloat

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80 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat (Lake Michigan)

  1. These are really wonderful images, Amy. I love the muted color and the low horizon line – gives a serene and quiet sense of the Lake that I never felt when visiting there. My kids have lived in Chicago in recent years, and the past two winters were astonishingly cold and severe.


    • So glad you enjoy these two photos of Chicago, BJ. The city looks entire different in the quiet early morning. I have heard about the bitter cold winters in Chicago. I don’t know how people could endure… Thank you for your comment!

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  3. Wow Amy, these Chicago lakefront photos are really wonderful! And I can say from lots of experience that Chicago winters are absolutely brutal. The winds off the Lake are infinitely bitter. Great post! 😀

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  4. Nice shot of the lake Amy, but it is not Lake Chicago. It is Michigan Lake, that just goes to show how big is the lake. One of the three Great Lakes in the US. The others are Lake Superior and Lake Erie.


  5. I love that dream-like feeling of these photos. I was in the city yesterday so I didn’t have a chance to comment. Your photos cheered me up (I was in a good mood to begin with. 😉


  6. Most atmospheric views over the lake and the skyline dear Amy!Low fog has so gently cast its transpatrent cloak all over the scenery,and the great photographer has so effectively captured the peaceful,magical moment!
    Most professional photos my sweet friend 🙂 ❤ xxx


      • Chicago is much windier and cloudier in the winter. I actually prefer winter here even though it is colder. We have more snow and it is sunnier but still long. I don’t think I can live her when we retire though. I’m too much of an outdoor kind of girl. But for now, we are here. 🙂


  7. I love the cool tone in your two shots – the blue and purple haze (light) is nice and regarding how cold winter in Chicago can be… well we used to listen to a lot of teaching tapes from Willow Creek Church – they were (are) this big mega church and in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s we used to listen to their stuff and get their books. anyhow, the reason I mention them is they have the funniest saying about winter in chicago.

    it is so cold in Chicago during winter that if you accidentally get locked out of your house — you could die of frost bite.. hah!


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