Monochrome Madness (FT Worth)and AB Forum


The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth’s was designed by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando.  The museum sits on a pond with two metal tree sculptures that frame the building. 

“By day, the Modern’s setting on eleven naturally landscaped acres—including an outdoor sculpture garden and terrace and a large reflecting pond at the building’s edge—provides a restful complement to the building’s architectural strength. By night, with the concrete walls bathed in an even glow of light, the transparent glass-and-steel galleries appear as large lanterns floating on and reflected in the pond.”   ~

It looks like this at night:

Photo source:
Photo source of this night image:

Leannes’ Monochrome Madness has a wonderful collection this week. Take a look


The After and Before Forum is a great place to learn and share the After and Before photos.  Stacy said,’ “wow” factor; the post-processing descriptions, the “how.” of the photo.’, which is about transforming a cool shot into a creative digital photo. This Friday, Stacy is showing us how to use the Lightroom through her video. Click HERE…  Join us 🙂


Happy Friday!

72 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness (FT Worth)and AB Forum

  1. This is such a brilliant shot, Amy. So bold, so edgy, so cool. Modern architecture is amazing. I half-expected to see your reflection the building 🙂 Also, I like Stacy’s Before and After series. Very cool, and each of us who works on photos sees the world differently.


    • Thank you, Mabel! These two tree sculptures are not that close to the building, as it shows on the photo. Well said about sees the world so differently. I think that is a real fun part of visiting blogger’s site. Have a enjoyable weekend. 🙂


      • You have a good way of setting up shots, Amy. There are so many angles we can take photos of something. Usually when I’m out taking photos of a building or sculpture, I take one photo of it and start circling it to get another 😀

        Thank you. Have a good weekend too. Half gone for me already.


        • Thank you for commenting the angle, Mabel. Going around the object really is the best way to take photo. When we travel, I don’t normally have time to go around then take a shot. For this one I had more time, so I walked to the back of the building, around the pond, through the green yard, then to the back to the sculpture, took the shot.

          Half weekend is gone already for you 😦 We just started, but it’s a gloomy and rainy day. We can use much more rain though.


          • That is a bit of walk for this shot…I’m guessing you also took more shots before this one. But you know, one photo is never really enough when you hope to get a “wow” shot 😉

            I went out today to take photos of people in the city…hopefully they will make it to the blog next month. I hope the rain lets up and you can go out and capture the rain drops 🙂

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  2. Good morning, Amy. I saw the photo before reading a word, and was wondering what kind of trees those were 😉 Metal trees! I have to smile on that one. You have beautiful photos here. The night photo does show several large lanterns! Amazing. Love it.


  3. Stunning Amy! I need to explore Texas! My grandparents lived in Harlingon when I was growing up so we went there all the time but I haven’t seen any other parts but a short stay in Austin.


  4. That building is awesome! I love the metal trees framing it. I don’t know how I missed this when visiting FW often about 5-6 years ago, unless it’s new.


  5. I was called away to make supper, Amy, but I had to come back to look at this intriguing shot! Someone just mentioned Dr. Who scenarios on my caves post. I don’t think he’d be out of place in your top shot either 🙂 I love it!


  6. Spectacular metal work Amy Dear! Pure Art in absolute harmony with nature and gorgeous b/w reflections!
    The night shot you included is gorgeous,but your photo in mono is a real masterpiece my friend!
    Thank you for your informative commentary! Love & hugs to you 🙂 ❤ xxx


  7. Amy, absolutely gorgeous monochrome image! I love the starkness of the tree branches against the sky – beautiful tones throughout. And the night shot – fantastic! The reflections are stunning.

    Thanks for the plug for my video 🙂 And, as always, thanks for submitting to ABFriday. I love yellow flowers 😀


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