Monday Walk: Easter Celebration


As you may notice, this is not my usual weekend trail walk. Here grass is perfectly green and trees are nicely maintained. It’s one of the private community parks in Dallas.



Many mega houses were built along the lake and creek.

The Egret was happy there, I can’t believe my iPhone captured it! 


Every year, this young couple invites as many as three hundreds kids and adults to the Easter party.

The front entry of the house was decorated, and a line of game booths were set up for kids to play.



The backyard was filled with hundreds of eggs, and tulips were in full bloom.


After lunch was serve, the egg hunt began! 



Later of the day, everyone was ready for deserts and ice cream. 🙂 


All photos were taken with iPhone 6.

Hope you had an enjoyable Easter. Jo is taking us to REGENT’S CANAL for a beautiful walk.


 Have a great week! 


93 thoughts on “Monday Walk: Easter Celebration

  1. How colourful. Surely those eggs weren’t sweet/candy eggs were they? I mean some kids had bucket loads! I bet there were a few tears before bedtime with all that sugar overload 🙂


      • Wow! What a great quality after cropping! I’ll need to practice, the first round of pics I took on my travels last week didn’t impress me 🙂 but it’s good to know it was my lack of skill rather than the camera in the i6.


    • The park is so green is because of the winter and early spring rain, but we can use a lot more… Kids had a great time there, and the couple did everything they could to entertain. 🙂

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  2. A different Monday walk in a celebratory atmosphere with entertaining scenes and lots of Easter colour!Your photos,dear Amy,are so brilliant,I particularly liked the one with your friend,the beautiful Egret,following you everywhere …lol Lovely flower arrangements under the trees and magical reflections in the placid waters of the 3rd photo!So much colour and happiness all over!Bet you did enjoy your Easter Sunday.Have a splendid oncoming week!Love and hugs to you as always 🙂 ❤ xxx


    • How wonderful I could share the spring colors, Easter party, and fun walking with you, my dearest friend. 🙂 The hostess went out of her way to decorate and entertain everyone. 🙂 Kids had a great fun hunting eggs and surprises. I had a great time taking photos. 🙂 ❤ xxx

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  3. What a beautiful, sunny Easter walk this is Amy! Thank you for sharing so many smiles and all that gorgous colour to brighten the day. I hope you had a wonderful Easter 🙂


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