Monochrome Madness (Suzhou Museum) and Colorful Monotones

DSC06995 (1)

Leanne’s Up For Discussion for this week is about the images in monochrome.  The first part is how to choose an image and the second part will be how to convert them to black and white. Take a look ofUp for Discussion”… 

The above photo is part of the garden of  the Suzhou Museum, China. In 2000, I M Pei accepted the Suzhou Museum commission, he was 83 years old. He said that it was emotionally special to him since his family had the connection to Suzhou for over six hundred years. When it was completed, Pei was almost 89 years old.  As you may know, I M Pei is known for several world-wide architecture designs, including the National Gallery of Art’s East Building(Washington DC), The Glass Pyramid of Louvre, and more. I did a series about Pei and his contributions in 2013, and on his 96 year birthday, I did another post entitled “Still Go Home Again“.  


This week, Cee wants to see at least 90% of the photo be one color, no sepia or black and white. Colorful monotone, here we go:

Japanese Garden, Portland

 Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:


Happy Friday!


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