Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh (Early Bird)

fresh fish-01

Fresh http://wp.me/pSlDL-aZS


Freshyou bet! 🙂   

WPC: Fresh

Happy Weekend! 

109 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh (Early Bird)

    • I captured the actions on the other side of the lake, a pretty good distance. I couldn’t see what the lens did…
      You’re right, it’s inspiring to witness. Thank you, Sally!


  1. What a shot!!! I love photography and have dabbled in it since high school but I will honestly confess, I’d give my right arm to capture a shot like this……well maybe not my entire right arm but this is a rarity in motion a photographer dreams of catching!!! Love it.


    • That is the highest praise! I’m so flattered. Pure luck, really. I was in a good distance of the action area, wait and watched for a while, hoping something would happen; then it happened! My camera just couldn’t stop. 😀 I’m honored to share it with a photographer. 🙂 Thank you so much!
      Btw, I could get to your site, is your blog URL linked with your gravatar?


    • Awww… Thank you sooo mch, Sue! It took a long waiting for some actions, but I had no idea what those birds and this one was going to do. The photo capture was a nice surprise. 🙂

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  2. Oh,Amy Dear,you are a great birder my friend !Great timing,it takes a lot of patience to capture such an amazing moment.Indeed,fresh,very fresh and the golden water reflections are absolutely fascinating!Warm spring hugs to you my sweetest friend 🙂 ❤ xxx


  3. What. A. Shot. Birds fighting for fish. It looks like a real battle there and as usual, you and your camera were ready, Amy. It’s a game of luck and waiting when it comes to getting good shots. Marvelous work. The bird behind looks annoyed by the spray of water in its face, haha 😀


  4. Jey amy – the second pic has a question mark (?) – but the first one was fresh indeed – and well, I also felt the words “going going, gone” when I saw it – like the three sections I felt – the water – more water – and bird with fish – super cool entry for the challenge –


        • well only had seafood twice! but it was good – and actually the food highlight was this dish my cousin Nancy makes and everyone always requests – it is some meat concoction that is topped with corn flakes and sour cream – and she labors with love to make it for guests – (she works full time so she usually prefers to take us all out to eat the nights we are there- and they love eating out so much – but she also knows how much we love it and when we give her ample notice of our visiting – well she usually makes it – I did get a photo of out _ I will try and come back later to share – have a nice day – and hope you get your seafood fix (mmm)


  5. Hi my sweet friend Amy,I really missed you and your always fascinating work.I’ll take one by one all your new posts and feast my eyes on the beauties you share with us!Btw,Anne asked me about you and she has left a comment on your last butterfly compo and one under my spring collage.Here is what she has written:

    “So Amy is having problems too Doda? Have just come from her page as I was wondering about her absence. Same has happened to me, more than once. If you are in contact with her, could you suggest she contacts Flickr bosses giving her details, they will help her get back into Flickr. It would be unfortunate if she gave up, she posts such beautiful work.”

    This one is under your butterfly :

    “Contact Flickr bosses Amy, they will assist you … Don’t give up sweet friend 🌸 ”

    Bye for now my sweetheart and off to your new work 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤


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