Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall (A Different Set of Walls)

Six Images

The fountains at Bellagio Las Vegas


A 1,100 ft long water fountain wall with more than a thousand fountains dance to music.


Is this a new set of wall concept? 


Tons of beads sparkling from the ceiling to the floor!


Wall to wall gamblers. After all, it’s Las Vegas:

You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
Know when to fold ’em
Know when to walk away
Know when to run
You never count your money…

~ Kenny Roger’s Gamblers


A wall of milk chocolate, like water for chocolate… My favorite wall. 

Here, I don’t count my money…, but I do need to tell myself when to walk away though 😉           


WPC: Wall 

Happy Wednesday! 🙂   

72 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall (A Different Set of Walls)

  1. The picture shown in the reader had me puzzled at first Amy. Then I said to myself, “this must be Las Vegas?” Then I noticed the opening text. Ah, Las Vegas. The city of over the top excess and best experienced on a business trip (I’m not a fan). I can’t help but point out that chocolate fountains make great air filters. The flowing hot chocolate creates air movement and draws in all the dust (and whatever else) that is suspended in the air. Needless to say, I never partake of my chocolate this way.


    • Engineer knows best! …draws in all the dust, not good. The chocolate flows are in a closed case or cases, maybe it’s not real hot chocolate (I hope). I normally leave the day I’m done…, Thank you for leaving comment, Patrick!


  2. Oh yes! Hubby would love that chocolate fountain for sure Amy! 😆
    Stunning shots of the waterfountain and those beads are gorgeous. I wouldn’t mind having them in my home. 😀


  3. Having lived in Las Vegas, I can’t tell you how many times we enjoyed the dancing walls of water. The photos are fantastic. Makes me long for a walk along the strip with the my boys small hands tucked in to my own!


  4. Good morning, Amy. I remember that dancing water. I like it so much that I forgot taking photos 😉 Wonderful pictures! I can’t help but reaching out trying to get some of that chocolate. 😉


  5. A great representation of the prompt! Wall to wall gamblers. I liked that. Yes, Las Vegas is a different place. It took me until just recently to embrace the fact that I live here and not apologize too often. 🙂


  6. Beautiful photographs of a spot that my husband and I love – we used to sit over at the Paris Hotel outdoor restaurant and just love watching the water shows.


  7. Wow! Stunned by the imposing walls you captured Amy Dear !
    I especially like the gushing fountains in the first photo and the hanging sparkling beeds in the gamblers’ space …
    As for the chocolate one;let me think … I had better go,I have already started drooling.Impresiive selection of walls and wonderful presenttion !Happy Spring Equinox ,enjoy your Friday,the first day of spring,my sweet friend 🙂 ❤


  8. Those water fountains are just the best Amy ! Just love how you’ve captured the beads of water froth and then the mistiness in the one shot ….
    Mmm you have us all drooling over the chocolate …. naughty !


    • I remember the LV post you did. I don’t know how much money you won, but you were so excited. 😀
      I don’t gamble, it just too energy consuming. 🙂


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