Cee’s Fun Foto: Catching People Unaware


 Hi Helen, This one is for you. Hope you will always remember the good times you had with your sister.

Yes, the colored version of this photo was posted last year for another theme, that was before I met Helen through WP. I don’t take candid photo often, it’s just too difficult. But, Helen takes great candid photos. 


Helen is a writer and a photographer, and has a strong science background. I thought that was a rare combination. In one of her posts, Helen said that she told her mother that she wanted to write a book before she died. And, she published a YA novel “Jin-Ling’s Two Left”.

Though Helen has taken some serious photo lessons, she doesn’t just present “perfect” photos. She uses her photos to tell stories; they are always heartwarming, sensitive, and thoughtful. I recall that she captured a beautiful smile of a hard-working lady in a grocery store. Then, she made a hard copy and handed it to the lady.  Would you re-post this story for us, Helen?  

In her most recent post, Helen wrote a moving story with only 220 words, entitled What to Say.  She began the story saying “Many times in my life I felt disappointed at myself for keeping my mouth shut when I wanted and should say something… ” It ended with “From time to time, I dreamed that I did say something on that day.” Click HERE to view the beautiful lotus photo and read the story…


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