Monday Walk: A Race (Part 1)

Life is one long, continuous race,

it is only when you reach the finish line do you realize

you were your only competition.

~ Frederick A Babb


It was a quiet Sunday morning, an egret was posing there for a photo . While walking along the trail, I saw an egret was there fishing for breakfast.


Minutes later, Mr. Cormorant hopped on a tree trunk, then flipped his wings, as if he was announcing the race.


A few participants were doing their stretches. Ms. Duck was getting ready for the race. 


She then tried to show off her new sliding trick. 


Cormorant Jr. made a couple of splashes, but quickly took off with his wings stretched widely. 



Duck Jr. did not follow the “ready, set, go” rule, he took off!  But, Egret Jr. geared up right behind him, “Buddy, I’m coming!”


When I was walking out in the field, I saw two ducks were racing in the woods. 


The race got a little more exciting later. Stay tuned 🙂  

There has been an annual cleanup in the nature preserved parks, lake areas, and trails going on.  Hundreds of volunteers, including high school students, have participated this noble program. This city environment project works like this: the first group is organized for picking up litters, another group comes to cut dead branches (but they leave branches, trunks, and leaves in the field), and the third group starts spreading wildflower seeds and plant new trees in designated places.


Hikers and walkers are not allowed to feed these wild birds, disturb them for taking fun photo, or stir up their routines. 

Jo is taking us to FARMS OF CACELA for a beautiful spring walk! Enjoy the blue sky and green field, join us. 🙂 


Have a great week! 


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