5 Day Black and White: Day 4 (Flying Egret)

Flying Egret into bushes

I am inviting Katie to join the 5 Day Black and White. It is so easy to fall in love with Katie’s photos, every photo is perfectly presented through her Katieprior blog. Katie’s monochrome photos will blow you away. Take a look…  

The two rules of this challenge  are easy to follow: 

1) Post a black & white photo daily for 5 days. 2) Invite someone different to participate each day.

Four down, one to go for me. Thank you, Tree, for the invitation. It’s been fun! 🙂

Thank you for visiting!  

49 thoughts on “5 Day Black and White: Day 4 (Flying Egret)

  1. One of your most magnificent photos in mono,my lovely Amy!
    Magical the moment you captured the beautiful bird hovering above the placid waters and amongst the barren branches!Love it my friend,it really looks so dramatic!Love & hugs your way 🙂 <3<3<3 xxx
    PS:I have been away from Flickr for a couple of days,hope I'll do some work late at night,see you there again:)

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  2. Many people think that a good B&W photo is a good color photo made B&W. No, not really. A good B&W photo tells a story and has a tonal balance and simplicity (and therefore beauty) that color can rarely approach. THIS is a good (no, actually VERY good) B&W photo!!! Well done!


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