Travel Souvenirs that Matter

This post is inspired by Indah. Indah asks, “Do you have travel souvenirs that matter and collect them on special way? Maybe Starbuck glasses, hotel’s cards, bracelets or something else? Why not sharing the story on your blog? Inspire us!”

For this post, I selected a few souvenirs that I bought from different places. 

Souvenirs that we carefully chose and brought back home often are tangible things that hold the memories of our travel moments. 


— Beijing, China

Please don’t miss Indah’s “Travel Souvenirs that Matter“.  She is a world traveler and takes amazing underwater photography! I also enjoy reading her monthly “Featured Photographer“.

Thank you for the cool theme for travelers, Indah! Join us 🙂 

47 thoughts on “Travel Souvenirs that Matter

  1. Thank you so much for participating Amy! You have wonderful travel souvenirs!! Your home must be very colorful from these beautiful souvenirs 🙂 Enjoy the rest of the weekend 🙂


  2. Oh, I share your post in twitter but unfortunately I could not find your twitter account 😦 Your post will be on my Facebook page as well soon this afternoon 🙂 Thanks again Amy!!


  3. Just gorgeous. For me, the photographs are the best souvenir, because I never seemed to have enough room for objects. But one of my daughters, when she was a child, used to collect interesting rocks in places we visited. It was a real challenge.


  4. Glad that you picked something that you liked from each country you visited. My mom used to collect shot glasses when she traveled with me but I was careful to get something practical all the time plus the hundreds of photos. LOL


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