5 Day Black and White — Day 2 (Longhorns)


Oh, yeah, Texas cowgirls and cowboys are in town! The parade kicks off a two-week rodeo and music events. 

On Day 2, I’m  inviting Lola to join the 5-day black and white. I have been her follower for a while; and Lola has been my longtime supporter. Lola is a world traveler and takes beautiful photos of the places she travels. Her recent photo of rule of thirds is exquisite.  Take a look...

The Before and Aftafter-before-friday-post-header2er Friday (ABF) forum is a lot of fun!  Stacy provides an opportunity to share post-processing photos. Stacy says, “The photos will provide a fun ‘wow’ factor; the post-processing descriptions, the ‘how.’ … ” Top guns, like Ben (Appeture64) and Emilio contribute almost every Friday. Small fish can have fun too, like Amy. Except, she has annoyed Emilio not once but twice, because she wants to play, but doesn’t follow the rules. 😉  Click HERE to learn the rules and view ABF photos.

 Thank you for visiting! TGIF 🙂 


50 thoughts on “5 Day Black and White — Day 2 (Longhorns)

  1. This is a wild photo, Amy, I love it! Longhorns are so ferocious, it is unique to see them saddled up, and only in Texas would you see this sight. Have a fun time at the parade…I remember you had some fantastic photos of it last year. 😀


  2. Hi Amy,
    Great pictures again and “so Texas”! 😉 Here, the Texas Star Trail Ride will begin Friday, March 6, and I hope to get a few good pictures there, too.
    Have a great weekend, and stay warm,


  3. Another fantastic B&W photo, Amy! And thanks so much for the After-Before Friday shout out! Got a good laugh out of your Emilio comment 😀 And I’m going to comment on your gorgeous “after” photo here – I am always amazed how beautiful flowers can be in B&W. Your post-processing choices, from the crop to the vignetting, just took the photo to another whole level. And, Anne-Cécile is right – the flower looks like it is just glowing. Love it!

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  4. Such a wonderful parae scene Amy Dear !I remember you had put up some parade photos last year,but they were in colour!Love this one,it’s so classic and beautiful!The Longhorn cows are so impressive,the Highland ones have much shorter horns.Fantastic post,just one photo and one can see so many things : ❤ ~
    PS: I've visited lola's (Wi's) blog,I mentioned in my comment that I found her thanks to you;she must be a very kind and friendly person like you 🙂 xxx


    • I have known Lola via WP for a long while. She is very kind and cheerful person. Glad you went to give her support. 🙂 and you always do. Thank you so much, my dear friend!! ❤ xxx

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