5 Day Black & White Challenge — Day 1 (Night Lights)


Thanks to Tree for inviting me to join the 5 Day Black & White Challenge. Tree’s blog is a wonderful place to have “conversations around the tree“.  She has launched into a “365 Days of Photos” project and is on day 56. Through her daily post, Tree shows us the places she has visited and nature and things she cares. Take a look… Can you guess where I took this photo, Tree? 🙂

The two rules of this challenge are easy to follow: 

1) post a black & white photo daily for 5 days

2) Invite someone different to participate each day

For Day 1, I am inviting Ms. Diplomacy to join this fun challenge. Ms. Diplomacy is a talented photographer. She says, “Photos document the moment, the life, the history… Photography is my passion.”  You don’t want miss her awesome photos.

Happy Thursday! 


94 thoughts on “5 Day Black & White Challenge — Day 1 (Night Lights)

  1. Hi Amy,
    This is a most fantastic picture. The subject with that different lighting and thus an enormous range of shades from bright wihite to pitch black is very suitable for the theme of the challenge:brilliant!
    Have a great day,

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    • I appreciate so much of your comment, Pit! It’s Tarrant County Community College campus by DT Fort Worth. 🙂 FW has some beautiful architecture in the DT area, and the Kendal Museum and the cultural center area is great.

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    • This was a beautiful scene that we walk into at night at Fort Worth where Tree is. I had already put away my camera, had to tell hubby “wait…one more shot, that will be is for tonight. :)” Thank you, Helen! 🙂

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  2. That is a very cool black & white image, Amy! I love the different lighting levels and contrast as well as the lines of the perspective (my draftsman mind can’t help but notice lines and perspective) from the buildings, sidewalk, fountain, and the street light in the background. Well done!


  3. Masterful photo in mono Amy Dear! Stunned by the architectural details of the photo,its sharpness and the perspective towards the distant lit up town!Superb vantage point,it so nicely receives the viewer !Huge congrats my lovely friend,you have become such an expert in photography,nothing to jealous of a professional photographer!

    PS:Thank you so much for the suggested links;I have visited both of them,I left my likes,but the photography of Ms.Dimplomacy stole my heart! Apart from my likes,I’ve left a praiseful comment,and also explained that I was there thanks to you.Happy Friday my beoved Amy 🙂 ❤ xxx


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