Phoneography and …: Life was like a box of chocolates


Before you step into the Bubba Gump restaurant in Kona (Hawaii the Big Island), this is what you see:


My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” “And the same goes for candid photography.” LIGNUM DRACO says. Welcome back, Dragon!


Tip of the Week From Sally: While studying the works of other photographers is essential to become a better observer of life through a lens, it also is necessary to study the other arts.  Sally continues to inspire us through her  Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Photo.  Join us 🙂


74 thoughts on “Phoneography and …: Life was like a box of chocolates

  1. Good morning, Amy. Cool bench. Love your photos. I think I went to bubba gump once and if I remember right, the food was good. But the one I went to didn’t have a bench like this in the front though.


  2. Wonderful photos with plenty of local colour and bright colouration!Love the sideways shot of the bench and the quote!The “Nike” running shoes are so well fitted there!Splendid work as always dearest Amy!Sally’s tips are a great source of info and give an extra dimension to photos.Happy Wednesday my sweet friend 🙂 ❤ xxx


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  4. Never been there (restaurant or state), but would like to visit both someday. It’s so cold here that your first photo made me cold at first, but imagining the heat helped a bit. Enjoyed the photos.



  5. Huba-Huba…. to see people with less clothing while we are still bundled up, I am a little bit envious. I suppose half a shoes is where we put ours when we sit down and pretend to be Forrest Gump. Hilarious.

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  6. I find it interesting that nobody has commented about the lady who looks very much like Jenny from behind (no pun intended). Completes the connection to Forrest, Forrest Gump. Run Forrest, Run!


  7. Good Morning my dearest Amy!As I was checking your pages to see if there is a new post,I realised that my “like” was missing ~ That gave me the chance to re-enjoy your delightful photos and to make amends for my omission ~
    My wise ancestors used to say : “Make Haste Slowly”,and they were so right … Enjoy your day sweetie 🙂 ❤ xxx


  8. I groaned out loud when I saw this post, Amy. OH! To have it warm enough to be in a bathing suit. OH OH OH!!! *sighs* LOVED your shots and I thought it SO cool what I saw on that bench. Great shots, Amy!! Love, Amy


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