Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds (Sunset)


 WPC: Rule of Thirds


Aperture64 is a showcase of Ben’s photo work and where he discusses his ideas and shares his knowledge and expertise. Though I have followed Ben for a while, I’m still trying to absorb. Gradually, I know a bit more about the digital darkroom. 

Like many others, I thought that using the software for re-touching is to change a bad shot to a cool photo and that processing is about covering up. Having seen many creative photos in Apeture64, I realize that it actually is about taking a beautiful, perfect photo and bringing it to the “digital darkroom” to achieve a higher level of creative photo work. The process is and can be extremely energy and time consuming. It also requires the knowledge of color code and lighting, besides the capacity of these software. If you want to learn more, Ben’s Aperture64 is the place you must visit!  Ben generously develops a daily (almost), step-by-step instructions enabling us to understand the processes and the digital darkroom.

Thank you so much, Ben! 🙂

Have a great week!      



80 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds (Sunset)

  1. I must admit the the setting sun and the sail boat are aligned. Perfect timing. As for learning a new thing, I can’t keep up, Amy. And is really kind of you to pass the knowledge to newbie like me.

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  2. You have really enhanced the beauty of the sunset scenery my sweetest Amy!The sailing boat in the left leaves all the space to show the magic of the moment and the gorgeous reflections!!!There is no end with editing photos,it is actually a whole world to discover all the techniques and the possibilities,it’s pure Art,and you are doing very well!
    Have a brilliant day my lovely friend 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ xxx
    PS:We were away for a couple of days and now I have to run again … 0n the 23rd we celebrated the Clean Monday,it's Catholics' Ash Wednesday.


    • Thank you for letting me know the Catholics’ Ash Wednesday and you were away, hope you had a great time. I am so glad you read about the digital darkroom. Even I don’t use it often; and when I do, I don’t use it intensively. Maybe, it helps to learn about the new trend of the digital photos. 🙂 Thank you for letting me share it with you. 🙂

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  3. I don’t know anything about processing, Amy, but if this is the result I should definitely spend time with Ben! To me it often produces an unnatural look, but the lighting in this is so beautiful. I’d be curious to see your original but I’m sure it was a pretty perfect photo anyway. And demonstrates RoT perfectly too! 🙂


    • This one I did basic changes, increased highlight and decrease the shadow… no sharpness, colors,etc, and did not fix the water reflections. I was afraid to mess with the sky colors and lights. I agree with you some edits can make it look unnature. You can give a try and see if you like the process result. Thank you for your comment, Jo. 🙂

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