Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds (Great Blue Heron)

The Blue Heron is back! 


WPC: Rule of Thirds


Thank you so much for visiting!  🙂 


100 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds (Great Blue Heron)

  1. wow Amy! what a fabulous photo!! you certainly captured the rule of thirds. great job! my hubby tells me that I’m pretty good at this so now I gotta go look for those photos to enter the challenge 🙂 I love great blue herons…..


  2. It surprises me that only one person commented on what you wrote, rather than just concentrating on your photo- which is a great photo,by the way. I’m now off to visit Mabel!


  3. Your photo is absolutely amazing….what a beautiful creature and you captured him so beautifully!
    I agree 100% about Mabel’s blog. She is so insightful and really gives all of us things to think about.


  4. …and we see the heron again! He still doesn’t look too pleased, but a bit less grumpy in this one. It looks like he spotted something up ahead. Great capture again, Amy. You have a great eye and way documenting birds. Maybe it’s what you focus on?

    Thank you for the blurb about me. I am flattered, you introduced me so graciously 😀 Yes, you are absolutely right that I am 20-something ish…for now…and a few years more… 😀 Thank you for all your love ❤


    • I may focus on birds a little more than I did… I think it is because I have learned bit about birds. I’m willing to learn to photo birds is also because it’s very challenge. Most of the time I get bad shots (like this morning and last weekend), just have to keep trying. 🙂


      • You make photographing birds look easy. They always seem to pose for you, or put on a show for you. It’s good that you like birds and like taking photos of them. As for me, I’m just having fun with my camera 🙂

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  5. Beautiful post, Amy! Your thirds is perfect by the way and this heron is just magical! Your work is becoming more and more amazing every time I see it. I think you are one very talented woman. Thank you, Amy, for showing us your Heart. I in turn think you need to go beyond WP. Let’s do it together, shall we? Love, Amy


  6. wonderful photo – and I like the effect and theme for the thirds…
    also, you wrote so eloquently of Mabel – and I have seen her comments to people here and there and she seems like she has a heart of gold – indeed young and oh so wise.
    also, wanted to say hope you have a great rest of Feb and see you in a few weeks amiga…

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  7. You have so effectively applied the app my dearest Amy!You have really rich knowledge on photography;I simply photo whatever I like and that’s all,and then I can only make it a bit or less brighter or crop it and that’s all.
    Great the Great Blue Heron!Have a wonderful new week 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ xxx


    • Thank you, my dear friend, Doda! So much to learn about, but I haven’t been able to apply to my photos. I do basic editing most of the time. Thank you for liking the heron. My first time see the bird. 🙂

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