Nature speaks when you are silent …

IMG_2778-02 (1)-02

 Nature I believe… nature speaks when you are silent ..and is silent when you speak…

~  Sriram Janak


Master Sriram is BACK! You must visit his . Below is just one of the six master pieces Sriram presented:


Thank you, Sriram! 

84 thoughts on “Nature speaks when you are silent …

    • Thank you, Ingrid! This one took off by surprise, my camera wasn’t completely ready. But, I so like the wings of this photo, like a white gown. I always enjoy your bird photos, Ingrid. 🙂

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    • It got some re-touching. The background looked busy, dark spots, shades, and uneven lighting.. I was able to (almost had to) change the background to black. Glad you like it, Sue! 🙂

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      • Oh brilliant 🙂 Yes, it’s just a matter of trying out the filters to see how they behave and there are selection tools in colour and silver efex to make local adjustments. You’ll soon find your favourite filters and film styles! Analogue is fun for vintage style and abstract and has a great double exposure tool 😀


    • The original background was busy and messy due to the tree shades and lights. Had I not been able to turn it dark, it’d be a bad shot. Thank you for the NG compliment, my dear friend. 🙂


  1. Beautiful picture… wonderful quote. Visited the link, and I was impressed. But sadly, the world is filled with beauty and wisdom. But we have so little time. It is hard to choose a few stations to visit along the way.


    • We have so little time, I feel the same… There are so many, many remarkable blog sites we probably have missed. I’m so grateful that we are connected and I could share some of my photos with you, Mr. Shimon.


  2. Amy Dear,you have already known … that this marvellous Egret on the wing,has stolen my heart,and now as it is accompanied by a strong “Sriram” quote,I loved it more than you can imagine!
    Have a brilliant day my lovely Amy 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ xxx

    PS: I had already visited and liked Sriram's post before reading your post here,but he rarely responds …


  3. what a cool capture – and I am shaking my head wondering how you grabbed this shot. well not to sound corny, but you must have been being verst silent as you were perched with the camera…. lol


      • well of course you will have such luck – and I think it will only get better – because it seems like this is kinda of a niche for you –
        you are a “field” photographer and have sync with nature in a way that is all your own. and just like writers have to be writing for the story to unfold and for the words to come together – well catching images of birds takes just lots of “being” there – in the field – and because of that – cos you are drawn to put in the time – I have a feeling there is a lot more in store with the world is a book (and I am looking foreword to tagging along for the ride via blog)


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