The Best Day Of My Life… (Whales)

Listen to this upbeat song, while watching whales swimming and making splashes, and some stories… Enjoy! 



Every year, between December and April, thousands of humpback whales journey approximately 4,000 miles round-trip to Hawaii where they congregate, breed, calve, and nurse their young. Whales can swim up to 100 miles a day, so it’s a long journey for them.

As soon as the captain of the ship spots a little water splash on the surface, the crew immediately starts the motor and drives to that direction. All boats are asked to stay in a good distance from the whale. When the boat gets there, it parks there and not allowed to make any noise. That day, we were all standing at the desk waiting for the whale show quietly and anxiously.


Mother humpback whales take care of their babies because the babies wouldn’t survive without the help and protection of their mothers. When the whale is born the first thing the mother has to do is bring the baby whale to the surface so that it can take its first breath of fresh air. After that the mother might support the baby until it is strong enough to swim on its own.

In April, these whales are all ready to swim back to Alaska. When they do, parents, aunts, uncles of these young whales swim in a big circle, and young ones are placed in the center of the circle, then start their long journey. This is how they protect the young ones from killing whales.


These humpback are very acrobatic, breaching high and slapping the water as they descent.  When a large whale breaches, the sound can be heard for up to a mile away.


We were told that it was a phenomenal scene when hundred males were chasing female whales. Because female whales are very picky, those male whales have to give full speed for hours to show their power. 

The captain encouraged us to come back, he said, “A guy comes to the Big Island in February every year, he gets on the ship every single day for the entire month.” It probably costs him a few thousand dollars; he might be one of those who makes money while sleeping.  🙂   


I’m never gonna look back

Woah, never gonna give it up

No, please don’t wake me now

This is gonna be the best day of my life… 

“Best Day Of My Life”  ~ American Authors 

In case you missed the one I did a couple of weeks ago:

Have a great weekend! 🙂  

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68 thoughts on “The Best Day Of My Life… (Whales)

  1. Good morning, Amy. I feel that I should call you Professor Amy. I love reading your post and learn from it. When we were in Hawaii, many years ago, we took the boat ride to watch whales too. If I remember right, we probably only saw a couple of splashes. When the captain told us to look at a certain direction, we turned our heads and we missed it. ;-( Still, it was a fun ride and we enjoyed it (and laughed a lot.) Thanks, Amy.


    • Thank you for your compliment, Helen! I doubt professors would bother to read my stuff. 🙂 Besides, I don’t know anything in depth, you might have noticed. It looks like we have visited the same places at different times. This is the time, we saw four whales. But, I went back to the boat two days later, saw only 2 small ones. Appreciate you spending time here, Helen. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Whales are such wonderful creatures. Here in southern Australia we have the southern right whales come to a wide bay on the edge of our town to have their calves from June to October. The humpbacks go along the coast of eastern Australia to calve.
    Seeing whales in a wondrous sight. Everyone who sees them gets happy. It’s quite amazing. They spread joy and awe I think.
    Great post 🙂


    • They do spread immense joy and incredible awe… So glad to hear that they travel to southern Australia. Thank you for commenting, and sharing your joyful experience, Suzanne! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. well your effect worked for me – the song matched the splashes amiga! yeah baby – and I did not know that song was from Frozen – I enjoyed it form the radio – but I think I need to see that movie. thanks for this lively post – and in the photos – I again like that blue – but this was just lively and fun Amy


  4. Not the usual Monday walk,but a journey to heaven … Loved every part of it,the amusing Video with the pleasing music and the animated heroes and heroines,your magnificent whale photos that take the breath away,and of course your sweet commentaries on the little whale babies and their tender caring mothers!So interesting and sweet a post from every POV my lovely Amy!Mother nature feels a strong concern for all the living beings …
    Thank you for your pleasant and informative post dear friend 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ xxx


    • Thank you so much for taking time to view my humble photos of these majestic creatures, listen to the song, and read the commentaries; makes me so happy. Knowing how they survive and love their young brought me tears… ❤ ❤ ❤ xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes,my lovely friend Amy;I had to wipe out tears while reading the loving care of the Whale Mother … I was deeply touched,I loved how you set up everything,glorious photos,scientific information,and a lovely music to play … You are a real gem 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ xoxox


  5. Humpbacks migrate from Antartica up our coastline every year. We even have an albino named Migaloo that all the television stations keep a look out for and report on when he is first sighted. It is my dream to go out and photograph them one day.
    And I love that song you played as well. 🙂


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