Raindrops On Rose



love is a flower
giving to the gardener
hope after winter

Wilfredo Derequito

Stacy’s One Photo Focus “highlighting the creative magic behind post-processed photos”, take a look of these 25 creative post-processing photos! 

Happy Friday! 🙂

74 thoughts on “Raindrops On Rose

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  2. Beautiful rosebud photo, Amy! And thanks so much for the shout out for One Photo Focus. I just have to see, you and I seem to be the minority in how we cropped Manal’s image. Is that a good thing or a bad thing 😉 And, yup, hooray for monochrome!


  3. You mean gems on the rose … Such a strikingly beautiful rose bud my sweet Amy!
    A fabulous detailed macro,love its passionate red colour and the sparkling diamond-like rain droplets!
    Love ❤ ❤ ❤ & hugs to you 🙂 xxx


      • it was trablog’s handwriting challenge that brought me here, Amy – which i still haven’t time to do but is in the back of my mind. Your mother’s handwriting sample was captivating and i took a look at your other pictures. I’m not a photographer, i don’t have great equipment and i don’t understand the techno jargon, but i love roses.
        this one is so special….. i just want to look and drink in the magic of that Rose waiting for the right moment to bloom.


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