Mobile Photo: Your Choice


Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas


When I spotted the reflections of the paintings through the wine glass in a restaurant (downtown Fort Worth), I said to hubby, “I’m sorry, I really have to take a picture of this wine glass.”  He had a puzzled look for a few seconds, then started helping shift plates and silverware while I was explaining to the waitress… To wrap all three pictures in the glass and center them were a little more challenging than I thought; so “just one snap” turned into several shots. Hubby patiently and quietly waited and waited until I did my last one. By then, he was so ready to indulge. I thanked him, he didn’t hear a word. 🙂  

It wasn’t much fun of taking these photos in the restaurant, actually, I was under some pressure. The table of six next to us and the table of 8 across from them were all watching me almost the entire time, the waitress was standing by me, and hubby was very uneasy; I tried hard to focus on what I was doing. 🙂     


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