Mobile Photo: Your Choice


Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas


When I spotted the reflections of the paintings through the wine glass in a restaurant (downtown Fort Worth), I said to hubby, “I’m sorry, I really have to take a picture of this wine glass.”  He had a puzzled look for a few seconds, then started helping shift plates and silverware while I was explaining to the waitress… To wrap all three pictures in the glass and center them were a little more challenging than I thought; so “just one snap” turned into several shots. Hubby patiently and quietly waited and waited until I did my last one. By then, he was so ready to indulge. I thanked him, he didn’t hear a word. 🙂  

It wasn’t much fun of taking these photos in the restaurant, actually, I was under some pressure. The table of six next to us and the table of 8 across from them were all watching me almost the entire time, the waitress was standing by me, and hubby was very uneasy; I tried hard to focus on what I was doing. 🙂     


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74 thoughts on “Mobile Photo: Your Choice

  1. Great shots, Ame! I know the feeling well about how people stare at you when you whip out a camera. I feel like saying, “Don’t worry I won’t get you in my shot!” That wine glass photo I am SO glad you were able to get, even through all the stares and hubby’s hungry tummy. Good job, my friend! Love, Amy


  2. first of all – fantastic refraction and what an eye to catch that in the wind glass amiga –

    and well, second, I know exactly what you mean as you describe your plight to get this. it is very inconvenient to take while out – sometimes much effort too (agree with sue) and well – glad you did it – and earlier this month I took some shots while out at an Italian place – really started by getting the door in the entrance – well it led to some pampered treatment cos I think they thought I was doing a review – ha! and I did go on and give them good feedback – but whipping out a camera has varied responses … and sometimes I just can;t snap. but to see what you caught – well nice choice and your hubs rocks 🙂


    • Thank you so much for taking time to comment. It was a spot by accident, and took much effort and longer than I thought. Yea, hubby’s patience is truly my support. 🙂
      Have you posted your shots that you mentioned above?

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      • you know I have not. they are in a folder and well – just sitting for now, but I will be sure to drop by when I get to them. I am sure you know how it is with posts – sometimes I think I want to do one and then I don;t when I sit down. and for me blogging is all about my mood that day – which is kind of my “art” outlet right now.
        anyhow, I think that the wine glass caught those images because of the lighting – the light has to reflect in just the right angle…
        and I the image of pushing the plates aside – while hungry none the less!


        • Hope you get to post them, Yvette. I agree the soft lighting helped, and was above the paintings (prints); otherwise the paintings would be overexposed. Besides, no one person was around there. 🙂


          • well i actually was just thinking of the doors for the door blog (you should join it) but now you have me thinking I might do a looking up post with those shots (I was just at debbie’s blog jamming to a light show – with a nice beat) and so coming back here reminded me I remember looking up at the cool art sign that night – so thanks for the inspiration amy!


  3. The wine glass shot is fantastic! I’ve long given up worrying what people think as they watch me move stuff around a table and take photos. And the husbands? They quickly learn to adapt 🙂


  4. Cool shot!! The way the wine separates the picture and the reflection is cool. Just along the surface. And the colour splash is cool too.. But I don’t like the unwanted attention from people! 😀


  5. Your first image is dreamy and surreal. You’ve done a good job of editing and processing. I’ve never tried to isolate and then treat areas with a single color. It’s on my list. The image is striking and makes me want to come sit with you at one of the tables and enjoy the architecture and the day. Your inside shot was worth the effort. Sometimes we just have to do what we have to do. Happy Photo Challenge.


  6. I love this story, Amy. I love how you saw what you wanted, your husband helped you and waited too, the waitress and the spectators took interest. And what a delightful result it was. I do understand the discomfort: being an artist is not always comfortable. And I really like the table and red chairs too! 🙂


  7. Gorgeous pictures Amy! Well worth the pressure! But I remember how challenging it is to do this in a restaurant 🙂 Do you live in Fort Worth? My son and his wife used to live there 2007-2011 and I visited often. They moved back to FL, and now I’ll just drive 4 hours to see them.


    • Thank you, Tiny! I live close to Austin. We visit FW occasionally. FL is green, beautiful, and the beach!! I was just telling Sherri that re-arranging the table in the restaurant was kind of crazy, and it really was my first time…


  8. Yes,that’s the Art of photography,that’s the real talent of the photographer !!!!!!
    I look at the glorious photos dumfounded,hard for me to express what I really feel,my loveliest Amy !Superb selective colouring in the first one,the contrast of the red on the greys is absolutely striking ; as for the second one,pure Art my friend,loved all the procedure of the preparations before taking the shot,glad you eventually did what you wanted to do!
    Much Kudos for your splendid work !!!!! Enjoy your day 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ xxx


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  10. Someone else mentioned the app that does B&W but leaves the read. What’s the name of it? I like both the photos and have more than once stopped or gotten up or waited to take just the right photo. Well worth it as far as I’m concerned!



  11. Clever shot of the wine glass Amy. I was studying it carefully, you positioned it just right (though I might have cropped it a bit tighter, but that’s just me) and what fascinates me is the way that the paintings are reversed through the wine. I can never get my head around this stuff! Well done for persevering with the shots 🙂


    • Thank you, Jude! I was paying more attention to the paintings than the wine. 🙂 You’re right about the cropping, I had to crop out the furniture and shades on the left. I love to hear comment like this. It’s very helpful. Thank you!! 🙂


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