Whale Lob-tailing for WPC Express Yourself




It was a great experience of watching whale lob-tailing. This whale lifted his fluke out of the water into the air, swing it around, and then slapped onto the surface of the water, hard and fast. He quickly made a powerful splash before diving into the deep ocean. What a scene!  


According to researchers, the forceful and noise lob-tailing can cause fish to become frightened, thus tightening their school together to make it easier to feed on them. Others believe that it’s a warning signage to others. I really think lob-tailing is an awesome expression!

WPC: Express Yourself

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108 thoughts on “Whale Lob-tailing for WPC Express Yourself

    • I can’t even describe the experience of being there and watching these awesome whales. They moved so fast, I wasn’t sure I captured the actions until I open the pics on the computer. 🙂 Thank you for visiting, Indah!


  1. What a fabulous experience. I hadn’t heard the scientific explanation of tail lobbing before. – Like you I think it’s pure self expression.


  2. I have wanted to see this my whole life! Maybe one day ! Thanks for sharing his HUGE expression! Also the color of the water is fantastic!


  3. We went lob tailing recently. The tug boat we went out on to watch did the same thing… Flobbing around and all. My butt was bruised afterward. But at least the crew handed out box lunches with delicious Turkey sandwiches. So I guess it was worth it after all


  4. Free willy 😀 I bet that tail comes down with strong speed and a lot of force. Stunning captures, so skilled at capturing it all. I need to have a photography lesson with you someday 🙂


    • Thank you for reminding the great movie! SS 1/1600 and 1/2000 did it. It was beautiful day to be out there. We had to be patiently waited for a long while out in the sea. We waited almost 50 min. to see the very first whale. 🙂 I took a second trip a couple days later (my husband did want go again), we only saw two small ones, no action at all. Thank you for your compliment of my photos, Mabel. 🙂


      • That SS and steady hands did make for those wonderful shots of free willy 😀 I don’t know you you always manage to capture animals in their element so beautifully. As I mentioned before, you have a great eye. And you really know how to use your camera 🙂


  5. Wonderful photos, Amy! We spent one memorable day whale watching in the San Juan Islands and while I don’t have many pictures I have the most amazing memories of the sounds from the day. The whales blowing, breaching and swimming are going to be with me forever. 🙂


    • The blue sea of the Big Island is unbelievable. The local people believe the blue water attract more whale to the BI than other islands in Hawaii. 🙂 I’m not sure I capture the “real” blue. 🙂 Thank you, Yvette! ❤


  6. Terrific photos Amy! I’ve had some great experiences watching the whale tail-slapping in Hawaii too, and it’s so very exciting. You did a great job of capturing the excitement. 🙂


  7. OM ! Beyond extraordinary my lovely Amy !!! Great timing,perfect in action shots and a fabulous whale lob-tailing show! Yes,here, we are talking about a real performance,an impressive show that you watch in awe!
    I also find very interesting the explanations why they do it.Thank you so much for this compelling and absolutely captivating post you shared with us ! I find it so very exciting ! Bravo 🙂 <3<3<3


    • I was thrilled that the photos came out okay that I could post them. So happy you stopped by. 🙂 I didn’t think I got enough, so I went on the boat another time, but didn’t see any performance. Thank you so much, my dearest friend, Doda! ❤ ❤ ❤ xxx

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  8. You missed an important information there about lob-tailing. Rommel believes that it is solely for the whale to show off his unique talent to its fish and human audience. 😀


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