Serenity (Droplet)

2015 WPC-1

  … a frozen raindrop

waiting for its cloud to open and let it fall. 

~ Kate Tempest

In a crisp cold, serene morning, I was delighted to spot this crystal frozen raindrop waiting for its cloud to open.

I just love, love this “Acrobats and Playmates” post, two squirrels were out in the snow having a great time. 🙂  This is just one of Jim’s 20 cool captures. Click HERE … Thank you, Jim!!! 

Jim's garden

 WPC Serenity 

 Happy Thursday! 🙂 




73 thoughts on “Serenity (Droplet)

  1. Frozen crystal raindrop. What a find, Amy. It looks magnificent, well done. I can sense that it’s trembling…like it’s about to fall and shatter to the ground soon. What a wonderful start to the day. Hope it’s not too cold where you are, almost spring for you 🙂


    • There were quite a few frozen raindrops, I thought they were fascinating. You’re right, they didn’t last. It has been warm until today, but will warm up this weekend. 🙂 Thank you for visiting! Have a great weekend, Mabel!


      • Always love visiting to look at photos like these, Amy. You really see the world in your own unique way, with your camera in tow of course. Enjoy the warm weather. It’s actually cool in Melbourne, especially for summer. Have a good weekend, Amy 🙂


  2. Hi Amy- I also could soak up your image for hours (like the other comment said) – and I also like how you included a little image of that squirrel post, sometimes I do not have time to go and follow links – so I was able to soak up the cool shot – and maybe later I can see the other of the 20.

    have a nice day!!!


    • So appreciate your comment on this one, Sue. I had to be very careful when I took this shot since it was sitting among all the leaves, also since the poor leaf was about to break due to the weight of frozen water droplet. 🙂

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  3. Amy, your photograph astounds me. You can’t get more serene than this…absolutely beautiful. And thank you for the link to JIm’s squirrels, they are adorable 🙂 Have a lovely weekend… ❤


  4. Stunned by the superb close-up photo of this reflective raindrop my lovely Amy!
    Looks as if a glassblower is at work and ready to produce a fine piece of crystal ; the bright green backdrop immensely sets off the beauty of the frozen raindrop!Loved your concept and your impressive work my sweet friend!
    Sending love ❤ & kisses your way 🙂 ❤


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