Mobile Photo Challenge: Macro (Pincushion flower)




It’s a Pincushion flower, creamy green in center with orange tips. This week, Sally used Ansel Adams’ quote in her Lens and Pens phoneography: “Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.” So true! 

As we all know, the touch-screen smart phone was Steve Jobs’ great invention. His phone camera enables ordinary people to create, enjoy, and share our photos, anytime, anywhere. 

This says so much about Steve Jobs’ passion and commitment for his iPhone: “I won’t sell a product that gets scratched,” he said. “I want a glass screen, and I want it perfect in six weeks.” He changed the way we learn, communicate, share, and create the things, including photography, we do and love to do.  

I was so stunned by this photo (it’s not a phoneography, I know.) Take a look  How in the world you captured this one, Alois? Wow!!! 

Yep, my new gravatar is up 🙂 

wildflowers purple-1

80 thoughts on “Mobile Photo Challenge: Macro (Pincushion flower)

  1. That’s super macro!!
    Very true words about Steve Jobs. He changed a lot of things all around us!
    And yes, new gravatar pic looks nice. Same colours as before, so no confusions at all 🙂


  2. hi amy, i love this space – not only i do enjoy your beautiful pictures but the information that you share is priceless. thanks so much! i couldn’t agree more to ansel adams’ quote – photography is truly a creative art. your macros are beautiful, Amy! steve jobs lives on with this genius. and alois’ photo is beyond me. wow! thanks for sharing! have a great tuesday! 🙂


    • I’m so touched by your comment. I enjoy making post is because of your never-ending support and beautiful comment, my dear friend! Thank you for letting me share 🙂


  3. Your portrait of the pincushion shows off its colors and textures. I especially like the details of the close up. Thanks for the link to Alois. I had seen the photo, but had not seen his blog. Also your comments about Steve Jobs are
    apt. He did take a close-up view of design, and details were always critical to him. Really enjoyed your post. Happy Photo Challenge.


  4. Good morning, Amy. I am amazed at the details of the flower. Who could have come up with that design? Your macro is clear and sharp. I like it a lot.
    Many of us wish Steve Job is still with us. What a genius!
    Love your new gravatar! Hmm… now I am thinking to change mine. 😉 Helen


    • Thank you so much for liking this one. I love this exotic flower, which I rarely get to see. I cropped a little for the second one, then I did further cropping for the first one. I think of Jobs whenever I use the iPhone with great convenience and often wonder if we had no smart phone what the world would be like.

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  5. I like the new gravatar – and the second photo is my favorite – it is other worldly – and reminds me of one of the professional stock photos that sometimes scroll on the computer – both are great for the challenge … ❤


  6. Still getting to grips with the camera on my phone, Amy, and have done very little sharing from there, but it’s fun to try. This is a great close up and aren’t those birds cute? 🙂


  7. You really captured the heart and the soul of this gorgeous flower dear Amy! That’s phoneography of very high standards my friend,and I am totally stunned by the awesome details displayed! Love the incredible symmetry of the heart of it and its spike-like vermillion tips.So beautifully presented and embraced by captivating high-tech references ; Job’s invention was really grand and I am thinking how right he is when he says that we are influencing the future … You created Art my lovely friend, you vindicated Sally’s quote ! Happy Wednesday 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤


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