Which Way Monday Walk



There are many beautiful birds living and playing in this field located right by the Kona beach. 

Which way?  “I’m looking for my friend. We are supposed to take our regular Monday walk together.”  This good-looking Common Mynas replied.  While he was looking for his friend, my camera tried to follow him.


And, this little guy volunteered to help.


 “She is there..!!” As soon as he saw his friend, Mr. Common Mynas ran to her. 


I continued my walk and saw this majestic Banyan tree.


It’s good to learn that older banyan trees are characterized by their aerial prop roots that grow into thick woody trunks; with age, they become indistinguishable from the tree trunk. So, Aerial roots are roots above the ground, for a while I thought these roots were all growing and spreading from its ground roots.


I’m gonna use this new gravatar pretty soon 🙂  

wildflowers purple-1

Take a fabulous walk with Jo at the Roker Pier (Incredible views and photos) and don’t forget to visit Cee’s cool photos of Which Way Photo Challenge


Cee's which way

 Thank you for visiting! Have a great week 🙂   


84 thoughts on “Which Way Monday Walk

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing your pictures! It’s quite a little relaxing adventure for me to sit at my Laptop in Europe and see a totally different world on your blog!


    • That would be… 😀 bit birds didn’t bother this tree. 🙂 This is the wildflower I captured last fall when I was taking a walk through a trail. I don’t know the name. but I like the color. It’s only less 1/2 inch (a good size to use for gravatar) 🙂

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  2. It’s not only that enjoyed the pleasant Monday walk with you ; I have also so much enriched my knowledge on the endless beauty of nature!Superb presentation of those charming ” talking birds “, and the awesome Banyan trees with the fabulous aerial prop roots! The texture and size of their trunks are absolutely incrediible!!!
    Can’t thank you enough for the wonderful Monday Walk and the informative commentaries you shared with us!
    Have a brilliant week my beloved friend Amy! Love ❤ & lots of kisses :))))))))) x❤️o❤️x


    • Thank you so much for your beautiful words, Doda dear! I know you have a busy life, appreciate you spending time to let me how you like post and why it appears to you. I’m so touched by that. I don’t have the knowledge of nature as I should have. But, there are many wonderful sources we can go to online. Yeah, the tree is majestic and incredible! 🙂

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  3. Absolutely stunning captures Amy. I love Mynas, though some people here see them as pests. Silly folks! 😀

    What a beautiful tree! Nature is so wonderful. 😀

    I just love the new gravatar. Such a beautiful flower. ♥


      • They sure do and why, I don’t know. Some say that they chase away the other birds, but the ones we have here doesn’t. Maybe those people see themselves in the Mynas and don’t like what they see. LOL! I think Mynas are stunning birds and I just love your captures.

        The new gravatar is stunning. 😀


  4. cool walk – and lovely story with the birds – and liked learning about those aerial roots – I actually used to teach about roots at different jobs I have had – but NEVER aerial ones and this was great – the photo with the people walking especially helpful because you can feel the grand size more.
    have a nice week and great walk this week….


    • The aerial roots are fascinating. I had no idea they’d grow into roots! There were at least three of these trees on the main street, they are well preserved. 🙂 Wish you a wonderful week. Thank you for walk with me, Yvette! ❤


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