A Walk Through My Monday Walks

Jo’s Monday Walk is an inspiring and fun theme. Since March 23, 2014, I have submitted 30 posts. 11 were in the nature category, another 11 Texas, and 8 garden. This week, I am giving a short walk through of my Monday walk posts of 2014 based on the likes. If you click the photo, it’ll take you to the original post. 

In the nature category, the “Its Last Beauty (8 photos) had more hits than others, 


Yoga On Water (5 photos) was the second, only 2 like clicks short, 

09 Austin 05

and Birds Were Waiting at the park (9 photos) was the third.  Birds will be flying up and down when they hear the result. 🙂     


The Enchanted Rock (6 photos) had more likes i than other 10 Texas posts:


And, the Cibolo Nature Park (6 photos) was the second. The Texas Parks and Wildlife will be pleased.


Yea, among all 8 garden posts, you liked the Lan Su (7 photos), Alcazar (7 photos), and Portland Japanese Gardens (6 photos).  Click the photos to see the post.


Alcazar fountains-4

port jangarden1

Every single “like” click made me smile. For me, they are the symbols of applauds and cheers from you.  I always cherish your comments and support. Thank you for spending time here! 

Jo’s Monday Walk is a beautiful virtual place where we can take a walk with our blog friends and share our own walking experience, stories, and thoughts. Thank you, Jo! I Know Jo will continue leading the walk, and hope you will join us. This week Jo takes us to Stokesley


Last, but not the least, I want to thank my hubby for being patient with me when I stopped dozens of times to take photos of trees, buildings, people… while traveling. Thank you for sacrificing some of your Sunday sports (golf, football games, and more) and being my chauffeur so I could take fall maple leaves or wildflowers. Thank you for dropping off what you were doing when I asked, “wanna see my cool shots?”.  Thank you for your understanding when I rushed out of the restaurant and ran across the street…to capture a beautiful bride with my camera; you had to wait at the restaurant for 40 minutes, but didn’t complain. Thank you for taking care of chores quietly when I am blogging or posting. Hubby doesn’t stop here at all, so I’ll find a time to read my thank note to him. 🙂    

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