The Stone Bridge in Verona


The Ponte Pietra (Stone Bridge) is the oldest bridge in Verona, Italy. It was built in 100 BC, then replaced by a stone bridge by Roman. In the Middle Ages, the bridge was destroyed several times by floods, and rebuilt time and again.

During World Ware II, the bridge was blown up by retreating German troops. After the war, citizens of Verona fished out all the bricks from the river and rebuilt as it was, in 1959; they decided to leave white color of these bricks as they were from the water.



The two central arches of the Ponte Pietra are remnants from the Middle Ages. The bridge’s eventful history and the preservation/restoration of elements, from ancient times to the present, have made the bridge a symbol of Verona’s history. —

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 Happy Thursday 🙂  

62 thoughts on “The Stone Bridge in Verona

    • Probably not… I didn’t see any. I sense that you are fascinated by bridged and know the engineering side than we do. Thank you for stopping by, Hien. 🙂


  1. What a fascinating history of this lovely bridge. It’s refreshing to know that the local citizens cared enough about the bridge and it’s ancient past to restore it one more time after WWII. It is ashamed that anyone would attempt to destroy this marvelous .feat of engineering to begin with. Men and their bombs—what would the world be without them?


  2. Two stunning photos, Amy. Birds eye view of it all and I feel like I’m on a helicopter above looking down at Ponte Pietra. I love the colour in the first one, especially the jade-colour of the water. I wonder how it can be so calm on one end and rather violent at the other 🙂


    • Verona is beautiful and romantic. It is where the castle and balcony of Juliet is located, and where you can enjoy the music and opera in a Roman amphitheater at night. Thank you for your compliment, Mabel. 🙂


      • That is good to know, what a theatrical town Verona is. Full of charm too. It’s hard to describe it accurately in one. I think I need to see its beauty with my own eyes, someday. Thanks for bringing the world to us, Amy 🙂


  3. Especially love that shot from the rooftops, Amy, but both are beautiful. Every time I see Verona I’m reminded of the Dire Straits number, Romeo and Juliet. It was being busked in the streets as we walked by. Thanks for the memory 🙂


  4. wonderful little bit of history again and leaving the white bricks looks cool. 🙂 Also, I like the down view in the first shot – the tiled roof and diverse water is nice.


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