Street Lights For Cee’s Black and White



Barcelona is using more efficient lighting using LED technology to reduce cost and pollution. These lights optimize energy and use a smart function: it activates when detecting motion, but also gathers environmental information, humidity, temperature, pollution, and noise. Already installed in several places such as the Born neighborhood, they expect 3,360 lights on 160 streets to be finished by 2015.  

Leanne’s Monochrome Madness is entering week 41. Take a look… 

Sarah’ photographWinter at Wisley had been awarded 1st place in the Seasons Category of the Royal Horticultual Society Photographic Competition 2014! Click HERE … Congratulations, Sarah! 

Cee’s Black and White

black-and-white logo

 Have a great day!

40 thoughts on “Street Lights For Cee’s Black and White

  1. Much Merry to you Amy. I am wishing you warmth and cheer! I love the new look and the gothic iron lamps! It’s a WOW! I hope you are well and happy! Kathryn


  2. Amy it seems that Spain really is using cost cutting measures with their lighting. As in my post this was something we found too in our travels there. Lovely black and whites of the lights.


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