Egret on top


After walking around the lake a couple of times, I saw an egret landed on top of a tree branch.  My Canon and lens were ready. I quickly snapped a couple of shots, then waited and waited patiently for any sort of movement from her. But, she stood still for a long while, looked content and dignified. 

Jim generously posted more than 20 cool photos with various and beautiful birds. He said, “It is joyful to have the beautiful birds at this time of year. Without them, it might be a bit bleak and that just would not do!”  Check it out, The Gang’s All Here

Thank you Jim! 

Jim' bird photo

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Thank you for visiting. Happy Wednesday! 

71 thoughts on “Egret on top

  1. Good morning, Amy. Another great photo. I don’t know what it is that every time I saw an egret, I just couldn’t lift my eyes off it. I like the tree branch too. Helen


  2. Superb, Amy! This is one of your best- I’m right with Sue on this. 🙂
    I so wanted to do this challenge but I’m running out of time and only give it a thought when I see an entry 😦


  3. Wow Amy, that first shot is stunning. Wish you could join Mona Liza and me on Mustang Island in 2 weeks. We hope to have another day of snapping away, but we have to figure out where to find our feathered friends first 🙂


  4. Beautiful bird photo, Amy. I love the BW in this one – solitary and calming. It’s like the bird is thinking very hard. Interesting that you brought out the detail in the branch. I like it, contrasts very nicely with the smooth coat of feathers the bird is wearing 🙂


    • I’m so thrilled to see Dragon flying down here for a moment, while he is off on vacation 🙂 Having your recognition is better, much, much better than NG. 🙂 See ya soon, my friend Dragon. 🙂


  5. ooo – this is wonderful —- the soft focus and the white backdrop all work so week with the differing white on the bird – and then makes the tree bark pronounced. When I saw this in my reader my eyes opened wide Amy – and it may be my favorite photo from your blog this year – maybeeeeee – sop hard to say – but enjoyed it so much this morning – thanks amiga – and nice capture. 🙂


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