Angular (Toronto Architecture)


Though, it’s recognized that Toronto has been a peripheral city in the architectural world, I think the architecture in Toronto is unique; it embraces the styles of both Europe and the United States.


The CN Tower, 1,815.4 ft in height, is most prominent landmark in Toronto. In 1995, the CN Tower was declared one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Initially, it was built for the TV and radio communication.


On top of the tower, if you have the courage, you can walk across the glass floor, which is 113 stories above the ground. The glass floor gives you that dare-to-walk-on-air experience, with only 2.5 inches of glass holding you 342 metres in the air. Like this little girl, see below, I stepped just one inch toward the glass floor and was totally freaked out as I looked down …  🙂  


WPC:  Angular

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60 thoughts on “Angular (Toronto Architecture)

  1. Awesome pictures. First one is marvellous. Glad that you didn’t ask to count the number of angles in second one 😀 And I loved to scroll up and down the CN tower picture. It was fun 🙂 Cool shots


  2. Hello
    Beautiful pictures of these places in Toronto – I boarded the tower where there is a revolving restaurant! (Running – t – always) At the time he was not to be the glass plates! We just installed the same principle on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower – Nice perspective and intense colors, I like it a lot – Thanks Amy


  3. when that first photo show din my reader it was such a treat!! I used to live 2 hours from Toronto but only went a couple of times – and well, someday I hope to explore more – in the meantime, I will soak up pics- like this post – and I did not know the tower had such accolades!


  4. Great images. That is an incredible portrait of that little girl. If I were to visit Toronto, I would have thought it would be fun and incredible to go up to the top of the CN Tower and enjoy the view but your description of that glass floor somehow makes me reconsider. It might be some fun I could do without 🙂


    • The top is not all covered by the glass floor, so you still can walk on the floor and look at the beautiful city from the top. 🙂 Getting to the top level, you need to transfer to another elevator, so you don’t have to get to the top. 🙂


  5. Wonderful images Amy and a great angle of the tower. We have a glass floor in the Calgary Tower as well.
    Feel free to delete this, and I hope you would do this for me, you have a spelling error in the title ( the word challenge- you have an extra n) 🙂


  6. If we ever leave egypt, Canada is our next destination, Amy! Toronto is the place we’d already decided upon, but now you really clinched the decision – great photos! I’d love to try that glass floor, but I guess I would freak out too! ♥♥♥;^)


  7. I’ve been to Montreal and Quebec City. I loved the architecture in the latter. Looks like I would enjoy Toronto, too. Thanks for the photos, Amy!


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